Not To Poke Murphy In The Eye

Ever since I was a kid, things have always happened to me. Things that don’t usually happen to normal people in an everyday situation. For a while, I’ve always thought that it was normal, but as I got older, I realised that this strange luck of mine always seemed to put me in odd positions for better or for worse.

Some might argue that it’s just the kind of person that I am. Always putting myself into situations that often defy normal convention. That might be the case of late as I begin to accept the person that I am and what I can do. Yet ever so often, out of my control, things will happen. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are bad. Sometimes they are the bad to dampen all the good that I’ve worked for. Sometimes they are the good that gets me out of an impossible situation I have no solution to.

It always seems that my life is in a constant state of balance. Like for every time the scale tipped over, there would be a counterbalance to the weight. In a way, I’ve begun to accept this in my life. Doesn’t mean I’ll go all hokey and start believing in God’s idea of fate and destiny, no. It just means that I’ve begun to add my luck into my everyday plans. What are the chances of bad things happening? Can I count of something unexpectedly good when I attempt a feat?

I know. Calculating the odds of something unexpected to happen is like trying to navigate an obstacle course on one leg while being blindfolded and reciting the alphabet backwards. But after a while, once you realise that everything in life, including people can be broken down to its basic components, things make sense and random madness starts to look like building blocks of lego that need a little work here and there.

I don’t pretend to have control of everything in my life. I don’t have that kind of power. But I do have a little something that gives me an edge throughout the usual trouble that life dishes out. I know I have it and I’ve learned how to use it. If foresight is all that it takes to take the random luck and turn it into something useful, then that’s a perk I can’t afford to waste.

If only I can predict what will pop out of the woodwork within the next week or so. I still need all the miracles I can get.

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