Nothing Else Mattered But This

It seems that I’ve been blogging pretty short lately, despite the fact that my days have been more or less chokeful with things happening. I suppose at the end of it, I’d just digest everything that happened during the day and turn it into the scores of thoughtful excrement that I would definitely pass out during the weekdays.

It’s not that I wouldn’t want it to blog now, it’s just that despite the fact that my day has been nothing less than eventful and pretty much fun filled, nothing…nothing in the world could have prepared me for the email I got which contained this picture.

Uber Cute

If that isn’t a reason to love her more, I have no idea what would…well…that’s not entirely true, the fact that both of us love to drink and seem to have no limits to how much we can drink is already reason enough but that’s beside the point.

The point is, my Christmas gift now pales in comparison to that really cute present she got. Or maybe not…seeing that she’s prone to getting things dirty and she’s more practical in gifts in the first place so…it either way…it’s a safer bet to keep things a little small.

Having said that and seeing that Christmas is around the corner, I wonder what the rest of you people are getting your loved ones this Christmas? Or at least the people you really really care for. Something sentimental? Something meaningful? Something to remember? Something practical? It’s always the questions that many people struggle but few know exactly what to get.

I wonder. What are you getting that special someone for Christmas anyway?

9 thoughts on “Nothing Else Mattered But This

  1. i give them gifts on every day of my living life because they are important everyday. not just xmas or some hallmark created holiday.

  2. Pat: Or…that actually costs $25 bucks…but yeah, the fact that she got that for me is priceless.

    DD: Some of us don’t have the time nor the practical opportunity to get gifts everyday. The reason why it means so much to me is because she ain’t the type of person to get things like this for people. Different people. Different kinda life. It’s worth seeing that sometimes, small things mean a lot.

  3. omg that is the cutest pic of a penguin at a computer i’ve ever seen! ok, it’s the ONLY pic of a penguin at a computer i’ve ever seen, but yeah. darn sweet of her!

    if i were a guy i’d be so darn jealous that you have such a thoughtful girlfriend. aww. AWW.

  4. cupcakes are the same to everyone. i backed cupcakes. bought cherries and grapes. make my own cards. i dont think that is considered high and mighty. bake her a cupcake. make her a card. dont have to buy it. derh.

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