Of Miracles And Saint Edrei…

One question…why can’t people feel ok when they are sick? Why do they always have to feel bad and horrible when they are having flu? Can’t we just get away with feeling not happy or sluggish to begin with? Why must it always feel like you were forced to run a marathon when you’re unfit and had angry people beat you up because you lost. I DO hope that I get better before the semester starts.

But at the rate I’m going, I sense more sleepless nights.


Because right after I completed 30 articles in 96 hours, I now have to complete 30 more articles in one week. Which doesn’t sound so bad really except for two really big reasons.

1. I have to write about sports.
2. I have to write about fashion.

I can also sense those of you who know me well are laughing your head off in perpetual horror at the fact that of ALL people in the known universe, I’M supposed to write most of my 30 articles on the topics that I haven’t the slightest clue whatsoever on. You might as well give those monkey’s their typewriters right now and they can probably write something better than what I can come up with.

So I guess this calls for another miracle.

Which worries me because isn’t there supposed to be a quota of how many miracles a person can put out over a lifetime? I mean…if I push hard to create things which seem almost impossible to do at first, won’t it mean that when the push comes to shove, I won’t have anything left to save my sorry ass later on?

Hell, at the rate I’m going with all the ridiculous things I seem to be creating out of thin air, I think I should be declared a saint when I die. Hmmm…come to think of it, I wonder what would I make a good Saint for?

I could have the Pope declare me “Saint Edrei” – The patron saint of people who push their limits and survive with just a bad headache.

Me…a religious figure.

Now that is something to be really scared about.

13 thoughts on “Of Miracles And Saint Edrei…

  1. Hang in there, dude. I’m doing a subtitling job (in Japanese) and for the past 2 day, I’ve spent almost 20 hours and have only finished 22 minutes of a 1-hour movie. Going to start plugging at it again in an hour…. dunno when I’ll finish the entire thing. 

    Posted by Norzu

  2. Currently I’m a content writer for Xfresh, but I have to write that much cause I’m leaving at the middle of the month not at the end of it. 

    Posted by Edrei

  3. Hahaha…Yian. In my kind of life it is never over. I wasn’t joking when I blog about the constant war that I have to always fight…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

  4. Woaaa, when you become a saint, can I borrow your big hat?

    Wait.. thats an Apostle..  

    Posted by Ainaa

  5. Ed, you poor guy, writing about such stuff. If I were you I couldn’t do what you do. 

    Posted by april

  6. Ainaa: I don’t remember apostles wearing big hats. Somehow you put the image of them wearing sombreros in my head.

    April: If I were me…I couldn’t do it too. That’s why the plan is…coincidentally, to be what I’m going to blog about later…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

  7. why not do fashion AND sports in one go? explore those sports personalities who have also become fashion icons eg becks, ljungberg (super hot in cK undies…haha).

    or something on “what to wear on a first date”, “to cologne or not to cologne”, “the new age metrosexual guy’s guide to…”, “what guys like about the way girls dress”…yada yada.

    as for sports…no one knows about ice hockey what. so tell them! c’mon ed…plenty to be done! 

    Posted by jaX

  8. You know what…you actually have good topics I can actually write on. That makes a whole lot of sense to begin with.

    Except for sports…there is only one ice rink in KL. What in the world am I going to write on that? 

    Posted by Edrei

  9. Bwahaha… you can write about skating… or attempting to… the tips and tricks… like 1. how to hang onto the sides for two hours , 2. What to do when you fall down…. that’s for sports.

    then you can write about “never wear white slacks if you’re a beginner” and “how to land gracefully on your butt in such a manner that everyone else believes that it doesn’t hurt at all.”

    See… ideas. XD 

    Posted by Jess

  10. Ed, lol. hahahaha… yeah, I remembered the first time Darren tried to give me sports…but at least you could pull it off! I left it alone… 

    Posted by Your lil sis

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