Old Habits Die Hard

When you’re in between friends that that don’t know each other, sometimes the best thing is to stay out of it, let things work themselves out their own way. That’s always the case in matters where relationships are concerned. You don’t make a habit of meddling in affairs that affect people’s emotions. I’ve learnt that lesson a long time ago, unfortunately…I tend to get a soft after being sweet talked.

So…I’m back at old habits. Not that I wouldn’t want to, it’s just that things like this aren’t usually in prerogative. If I wanted to do something like this, I should have been a psychologist. But I’m not, I’m just a clumsy geek that’s good at some things in life and when people need something, I just happen to be the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

Then again, when friends are involved, sometimes the right thing to do is to watch out for them whether they like it or not. It’s not about fulfilling a God complex, it’s not about your own self gratification of reliving the “glory days”. It’s just doing what friends do, make sure no one get’s left behind.

Being that it is, let’s see where things go. I might not need to run away from my own life anymore, but it doesn’t mean that I turn my back from the responsibilities that I took when I said “yes”. You’ll have your answer…even if I have to pry it from his cold dead fingers.

You’ll have your answer.

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