On The Second Day Of Christmas

Ok fine, he’s not my true love, but he’s friend nevertheless. And as far a true friends go in the balance between deeds done for each other, for some reason, he hasn’t disappointed me yet (except for that time with my ex and the birthday party but that is ancient history and I understand why he did it).

So assumingly, the reason why he would get me something was because I managed to get him what he wanted (assuming this was what he wanted). Not just another Rubik’s Cube though, but a special 25th anniversary Rubik’s Cube. Of course at the end of the day, he offered to get me this…which he did.

Feel the clothes ripping power!!

No, it’s not another Zen Micro, that’s the one I have. No it isn’t a Sony PSP either, it just looks like one. That there if you can make up the words is an Edifier Travel Speaker, specifically the MP220. I won’t go into the mind numbing technical details but it’s just what I wanted anyway given the fact that I can now play my songs on speakers that don’t sound like crap.

Of course though, it’s not going to be looking like that for long. I mean…I’m a geek with an idea for a Christmas present in my head. How long do you think it’ll look like that before I turn it into a customized docking station for my Zen Micro anyway? If you’re thinking within the next few hours. You’re absolutely right, because that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing anyway.

Most people spend their time of their lives happy with the things they got because it’s fresh out the market. Fortunate for them, they have the money for it. For people like me, fancy gadgets like that are a luxury I can’t really afford due to…needful things that need to be paid for.

So rather than just listening to friends go on an on about how they have their new iPod Video thingiemagig that can store a shit load of movies along with their 4 other iPod mini, midi or maxi. I like to say I made something with my bare hands and just feel good about it.

Sure, it won’t impress the hell out of them. I mean come on…we’re not talking on the same quality level here. But I think there is a rule that goes by “If you made a gift for someone and really impressed them, it’s a good gift.” I’m impressed with my present so far. I’ve really got to remind myself that I don’t need the approval of other people on what’s better when I certainly can’t afford them.

That being said, I think it’s time to look around the house for a little more junk. A couple of cardbox boxes, some wires, aluminium and spray paint. Let’s make this gift really worth the effort. Thanks Albert.

3 thoughts on “On The Second Day Of Christmas

  1. Well, more disappointing was what some other “pet-siblings” did after the revelation, namely be insensitive to you. 🙁

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