Operation Blogathon 2005 Is A Go…

Three things happened today.

  1. New Malaysian students arrived and I was busy showing them around town.
  2. Blogathon 2005 has a brand new layout and reports that we can register our pledges on Wednesday.
  3. I got word that the National Cancer Society of Malaysia is happy that I’m organizing this Blogathon to raise money for their support.

The first has nothing to do with this post but with a future post I’m going to write up. The other two basically means that whatever it is, everything seems to be going smoothly thus far. Although Blogathon 2005 has had a little hiccup in their timing, everyone planned well enough in advance to make sure that despite the loss time, we’d all would still be making sure that this Blogathon would be a success to whatever charity we are blogging for.

I’ve also been told that I would be getting the bank account number for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia so that it would make it easier indeed for sponsors to pledge for society.

So all in all, everything seems to be just right thus far.

All you kind folks need to do is head over to the Blogathon 2005 site when registration begins and support the charity for National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Remember…every bit helps.

Help spread the word not the cancer.

Make a difference on August 6th.

You just might save a life.

One thought on “Operation Blogathon 2005 Is A Go…

  1. No problem at all. Just doing my part for something I believe in I guess. Glad that you’ll be chipping in later. I’ll set it up properly come Wednesday.

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