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Being obsessive compulsive by nature, I tend to have little habitual quirks here and there that forces me to have things organised the way I want to. More often than not, if things aren’t in the place I’ve allocated to them prior, I tend to be very upset. That’s just as well, because also being a geek and spending a lot of time in research laboratories has sort of upped my usual compulsive nature into something more productive, something more purposeful, something more *Ikea-like.

That’s why for the past week, in-between all the needful errands, I’ve been geeking out for quite a bit. Not just doing the best I can with the the last toy I’ll probably own in a long time, but also doing the best I can around the toys I surround myself with. The result of which is its own rewards. Like so:

Penguin Stares Back

And so:

Organised Mess

Of course, from a glance, the tabletop doesn’t look like a byproduct of something that would have come out of Ikea, but seeing that you legally make any modifications (such as drilling holes into the wall) to a rented house, not to mention the fact the limited resources at my disposal, “the best I can do” does literally translate to the best I coul possibly come up with. Then again, when the room did originally look like this over a year ago, what you see now is definitely a huge change in comparison.

It’s things like this that suddenly inflame that part of me that wants to keep creating, building and tweaking things until its far exceeded it’s original purpose and has become styled substance. After all, part of being a geek with OCD is the distinct hunger making things better even though no one asked for it. It’s just that at this point in my life, I don’t have the canvas, let alone the materials to create the masterpiece I’ve always wanted. At best I can jerry rig, at worse, I’ll have to turn a blind eye to the empty hole.

If there is anything that can be said about it then, is that this hunger only drives me to reach for the things I want. If anything, this represents one of the few desires in life that I would actually be happy for as I aim to succeed it’s elusive grasp. It’s just that in the eyes of the normal world, those of us who journey that Arthurian quest for our workspace geektopia have nothing better to do than to poke and prod things for the sake of it. For the rest of us though, there is only one thing that can be said about the creation of the perfect workspace.

You know it’s completely worth it in the end.

You know it is.

* Not that I subscribe to the Ikea culture, but for a lot less money and a whole lot of hands on do-it-yourself, you can always create the same kind of form and function you get for things that can cost you an arm and a leg.

4 thoughts on “Organised Geektopia

  1. I really like the setup you have, Personally… I am running a dual screen setup, which I find quite convenient. But lately I have been debating getting just one large screen to have that as my main screen. What size is your monitor? Maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but yours look to be a 24 inches hehe.


  2. It’s just your standard 22 inch widescreen monitor. What I wouldn’t mind is a dual screen setup though. A widescreen and a smaller 4:3 screen. I can be happy with an additional 17 inch monitor at my disposable since I already have the widescreen.

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