Pain Pain Go Away Come Again Another Day

Tired. So tired. So much pain. I never knew I could handle so much pain in a day and still manage to do all that needs to be done. I guess that serves me right for forgetting to bring my painkillers. Never again will I want to suffer standing up waiting for my incubations to be done then have my partner slap me where it really really hurts.

Then again in some small way, it was worth getting up to the pain for one good reason. It was the start of forensics classes.

Ahhh…I love forensics. Did I mention I love forensics? I love forensics. It’s about the evidence and you. It’s about eliminating all possible suspects to leave only what cannot lie. It’s the real CSI that you will never see on television…and I’m doing it right now. How many people you know will actually get to say “I fight crime by being a science geek“. Ok I doubt that anyone would publicly admit to that, but I think I would.

It makes me proud to be a geek.

I’m sorry but I can’t help sounding like a kid in a candy store because that’s how I really feel right about now. I feel like a very large kid in a store that just happens to be loaded with a blood splatted, grass stained shirt, a semen soiled panties, hair and blood samples and a scalpel in pear tree. Everything I need to make sure that the alleged suspect is either very innocent…or very very bad. In which case I have to do the usual report which would be brought up in a court of law when the case goes to trial and…well various legal stuff. Still…mighty exciting to be able to do something like this.

But first thing’s first…tomorrow morning take painkillers before examining case evidence. I don’t think it would be good for me to handle the tests when I can barely hold the pipettes properly. Plus it isn’t really a class where it’ll take me 14 weeks to get through, it’s basically a lab that would take me 3 days to push everything in…including a practical exam of what we have been doing. So it’s not really a wise thing to not be paying attetion because half the time your knees are screaming in pain.

The things I have to put up with for the things I love. Sometimes you have to put things into perspective and wonder…is it worth it? For a blood stained shirt and a semen soiled panties to examine?

You can bet your sweet ass it’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “Pain Pain Go Away Come Again Another Day

  1. Go easy on the painkillers mate. You don’t want a pathologist cutting you up next time to find that you have a broken liver.

  2. hhmmm…..cutting up, blood, semen soild panties…..damn it’s getting me high! 🙂

    yea…..go slow on the painkillers. k? *huggles* 😀

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