Pamper Me Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving. That is perfectly true. Most people would expect other people to give them stuff which is also true, but for me, I don’t expect people to give me stuff. Usually though it is a excuse for me to give myself things that I want rather than the things I usually need. So I thought after all that I’ve been through this year, I might as well pamper myself a bit by buying myself this.

Penguin in a cup!!

Of course though, knowing me, one gift isn’t enough to satisfy all my needs and wants. Then again having absolutely no pamper money left in my wallet, I ended up going back to what I used to do as a kid – making stuff out of the junk left around in my house – and ended up with this.

My very own custom dock

That’s right, it’s my very own customized dock for Kristine (that Zen Micro in the middle), now she can rest snugly without tipping over while she charges or I’m just transfering songs. Once I get my hands on those portable travel speakers I’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks, it’ll just be another few custom modifications before I end up with a Zen Micro dock with speakers…and I don’t have to fork out RM300 bucks for it too.

It’s good to be a little creative every once in a while. It satisfies your thirst for taking things apart and you don’t have to spend so much on your own Christmas presents. Of course what you make may never be as good at the cool store bought items that many people would have the money to buy.

Then again it is Christmas. It’s not how you eventually get your gifts, it’s the why you got them that counts. I like my whys. Don’t you?

5 thoughts on “Pamper Me Christmas

  1. i see my name…i see my name!!! haha

    this will be so weird when i go back to malaysia and actually meet kristine 😛

  2. i like buying gifts that i know people will either appreciate/like/need.

    call me practical but i seriously see no purpose in buying useless things that people recycle as next year’s christmas gifts anyway *heh*

    anyway, was good to meet u on sun 😀

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