Patchwork Therapy

“Can you describe how you felt when you cried?”

“When I cried I felt as if my chest is being compressed so tightly that the next heartbeat is going to explode out of my chest. I felt as if my stomach is knotted and hollow at the same time. I felt as if there is an invisible crushing weight upon me that I can’t break free from until my entire body is paralysed with pain.”

“Can you describe then how you feel when you kiss Mel?”

“Whenever I kiss her, I feel…nothing.”


“I feel nothing at all. No voices. No burdens. No responsibilities. No anything. I feel as if I am the white-water rapids that has flowed into a vast ocean of calm, without chaos, without memory. I feel nothing and that is the best thing I could ever feel.”

For once I’m not going to comment on what’s been said because I will leave all of this up to your interpretation. We all have ways in which we see and react to the world. This is mine little part of it.

And I’m sharing this with you.

4 thoughts on “Patchwork Therapy

  1. I’m going with a cup-half-full mindset into this. 🙂 Simply put, Mel’s kisses appear to bring you peace. Should we start a fund to transport Mel to where you are?

  2. Jane: Good mindset to look to considering the circumstances. And peace of mind is all I ask for. We’ll work things out in the end because I’ll be going to her instead. 🙂

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