People Don’t Ask Questions Anymore

Yesterday’s obituary post brought up more responses (public and private) than I thought were possible. Some were people shocked that I would do such a thing to “insensitively mess with their minds”. What is interesting is that these are people who otherwise comment once in a blue moon or have never commented before.

Not surprisingly, it is the people who have spent their time getting to know me that aren’t surprised or are just tickled pink by such a thing I wrote. Mel’s response after reading my own obituary was everything I know and love about her. I think it went somewhere along the lines of:

“Hahahahahaha! You’re a sadistic genius you know that?”

So it brings me to why I’m bringing this up. Whatever I write here on this blog, represents my own expression of myself. It is where I lay my mind to bare. I understand that for better of for worse, how I think doesn’t always coincide to what other people think. For the most part, I would imagine between normalcy and the world I live in, there is this huge gaping chasm in between that can fit a dozen planets or so.

Rightly so, I don’t apologise for what I write. I will apologise if it offends you because I know we’re two different people and you have your own feelings too, but it won’t change my mind on whether it is right or wrong. People who have taken the time to just get to know me, whether over drinks or through my words here, know that however odd my actions are compared to theirs, that’s just who I am. Doesn’t make me a good person nor does it make a bad one, it just makes me “a” person. Would you apologise for being yourself? I wouldn’t think so.

So really, the next time you feel offended by someone or something and not just by my quirky sense of expression. Take it upon yourself to ask “why?” before you explode all over yourself and make a mess of things. A lot of things in the world can be made better if people just took time to understand why things are and work with it from there.

People don’t take the time in their lives to ask questions about things they don’t understand anymore. At least not the right questions nor the right motives. Now that at least is something I think I should feel sorry for.

8 thoughts on “People Don’t Ask Questions Anymore

  1. Apology not needed, Edrei. I actually went offline yesterday drafting my own obituary post. =)

    How’s that for a morbid meme?

  2. You wrote that:
    People don’t take the time in their lives to ask questions about things they don’t understand anymore.

    I would agree with you. People might have been overwhelmed by excuses and choosing not to take time to ask themselves but minority among us.

    Most of us just want to get to the result without knowing how it works ( the process)… perhaps because “we simply doesn’t have much time in today’s modern life”.

    P.S.: Hi, I had subscribed to your blog’s RSS and has been following up your blog posts since few months back. If I remembered well, I found your blog last year (2007) while browsing from one blog to another; and I was hooked to one of your posts discussing about Malaysian bloggers “unwritten” rights. It was nice read, indeed!

  3. This another joke? You are justifying irrational and irresponsible behavior by simply saying that is who I am. I do that as well when I act like an asshole towards someone else, but there is never any justification for treating people the wrong way. That last post was horrible and did a disservice to anyone that reads this site whether they have taken the time to get to know you or not.

    Now this reasoning you have posted here is even more insulting. Basically as humans we can all do whatever we want without any reprecussions because we can simply think that it isn’t good or bad, but that’s just who we are. I kill babies on the weekends, not that it is good or bad, but that is who I am.

    Maybe you shouldn’t apologize for what you write, but I have to assume you write for more than just yourself because you have an audience now. If that audience had all left I have no doubt in my mind you would be asking where everyone is and then write a post complaining about that. You want the benefit of having an audience without taking the responsibility of having one. It makes no sense.

    Then you are going to say that I need to take the time to think about “why”? LIke I didn’t do that when I read the last piece and formulated my response. I can see you having an easy life if that is how you approach things. You can do no wrong because you are doing you and if someone accuses you of wrong it is obviously their fault due to their thinking.

    Shit I am going to adapt that philosophy.

  4. Eli James: Good on you. I think there is a similar meme floating around somewhere, which gave me the idea in the first place.

    Sknownotice: Simply don’t have the time or simply don’t make the time? It’s harder to get into the habit of first asking questions before doing things first rather than shooting off first, then when the dust has settled, start asking how could it come to that. Thanks for sticking that long at the very least. 🙂

    Scrivs: What you say as irresponsible and irrational is something I disagree in. You have your opinions of the last post and other people have their opinions with theirs. If we left it as an agreement to disagree, it’ll be alright.

    Not apologizing for what’s done is different from not taking responsibility for it. You can go to jail for being a weekend baby-killer and accept that as it is. If you accept that it’s who you are and all the repercussions that come with it. You don’t have to apologize for it but you still take the flak for it. Just because I live in my own world, doesn’t mean I’m not aware that there is another world out there as well.

    For a long while now and perhaps ever since I started, I’ve been writing for just myself because it would defeat the purpose of being personal if I held back what’s personal to me. This is my place to disconnect from that world and be me. Maybe I probably would blog about why no one is reading, it doesn’t mean I expect people to respond to that either because in my experience, people don’t usually pay any attention to what I’ve been writing.

    I never said that people who commented against what I wrote were wrong. If you really did wonder why, you could have just asked me for my rationalization rather than continuously telling me that I am wrong. That was the whole point of the post. It’s not an easy life rationalizing the “why” of things and making up for your actions, more so when you live in a world that doesn’t share the same point as yourself.

  5. hmm…. i don’t usually leave a comment on your site….
    but hell, it feels as though the world lost it’s sense of humor one way or another…
    it must be because tight jeans are back in fashion – just blocks em blood cells to the brain!
    wishing u a nice day ahead and a wonderful weekend ahead! =)

  6. Yes, I thought it was a tad morbid, but at the end of the day, I surprisingly enjoyed it. Can you imagine the superstitious who’d probably go “CHOI CHOI CHOI” at reading this? 😉

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