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If you really that lazy to spend your precious hours on end reading through all my facinating (and comatose inducing) posts to get to know me, here is the summerized version of it all.

Kamigoroshi means “God Killer” in Japanese. Either that or it could also mean “paper killer”. It pretty much depends on how you say it, but in this case “God Killer” sounded much more appealing. It’s not that I would want to kill God anyway, It’s just that I am against the God’s of religion and would sooner destroy that image than to let a belief like that take over my own choices in life.

Contrary to what people think or say, I am agnostic at heart, which means I believe in God but not in religion. Please please try and understand that they are two different things altogether. I’m pretty much sick and tired of people being surprised that I believe in God. I do. Just not your idea of God.

Since I have been talking about God so far, I like to clarify that no, this isn’t a religious blog. This is my personal blog. Personal as in “I have the right to say whatever I would want to say about my life and not be judged by the likes of people who have nothing better to do than to nitpick on my life when they don’t have a life of their own”. It’s a long explaination I know, I tend to be long winded most of the time, but there is always a point at the end, so bear with me.

Occassionally I would come up with technical sounding posts. Since I’ve got no other blogs (that would bother spending time updating), so from time to time, I would blog about things related to WordPress which I am closely affiliated to. If I blog about other technical things not related to WordPress, it means I have nothing better to do. Some people are allowed to smack me when I do that.

That's me and me

That would be one of the rare pictures of me due to reasons that involve public decency and the fact I still do not own a camera. Which one in the picture is actually me is best left to you to guess. I am pretty confidant that the answer is obvious.

To the more observant of you, penguins do in fact appear on a regular basis in this blog. They call them an eccentric obsession. I call them cute little cuddly wuddly things. I don’t think either side is wrong. I just think I have a better (and cuter) name for it. Why penguins? Well, I think I already answered it. They ARE cute little cuddly wuddly things. That pretty much explains everything.

By now, you’d have begun to realize that all this doesn’t really explain anything about me (unless you’re good and read between the lines), because the reality of it is, I can’t explain me. I’m me. If I knew who I am, I wouldn’t be blogging about it and looking back from time to time trying to figure out why things happen the way they do. So either way, I guess maybe you might have to spend your precious hours on end sifting through those facinating (and comatose inducing) posts. Maybe then, we’ll figure out who I am together.

Or you can just skip all that and read this post.

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