Pissed Off With A Hole In The Wall

Yes I am pissed off, but can I do anything about it?

Not a damn thing.

Because we happen to live in a world that puts faith for one’s sake above the desire to know more than one does. We happen to live in a world that would live in ignorance if knowledge meant that they would have to reconsider what they thought they knew to be true all their life. We happen to live in a world that would sooner run away from hell, rather than start walking into heaven, and believe you and me, that makes a hell lot of difference.

But before I leave a hole in the wall as a testament of my fury, I do have to take time to consider where I stand in this battle of principles, belief and fact.

I can’t change the minds of people who choose to see nothing other than what they see. I can’t even answer questions they ask, only for them to accept the answers they want. With them, there is no road of possibilities save for the path they have chosen for themselves. What I can do is my job.

It is my conviction to stand by the truth of things because I understand that’s the way it works. It is responsibility to carry out my work to aid people based on the conviction of where I stand. It is my duty help people because I have the knowledge to do so. None of all this ever entails arguing with people who haven’t the openness to learn, in defense of the same work and principles that will ultimately save lives.

So all I can do is my job, and in the ideal world none of this would ever touch the work in which I have tried so hard to pursue. Then again, this isn’t the ideal world. One way or another, faith and ideals will clash in my line of work. You better be right that at the end of it, it really makes a difference not to fight now.

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