Please God I Want Reality To Fracture. Amen

If you’re the kind of person that keeps up to date with the latest things or you’re a total geek like myself, you’d be aware of the current buzz circulating around the 9 billion dollar mega-machine called the Large Hadron Collider. If you aren’t in the know, basically it’s a 27 kilometre circular tunnel underground which houses a big honking particle accelerator.

The idea is, you take two particles (normally atoms), charge them up with energy, accelerate them to light speeds, and then smash them into each other. The resulting effect of which produces results that physicists need and (only physicists) understand to determine the secrets of the universe. In this case, they are colliding protons (which is a type of hadron and forms part of an atom) in order to confirm or rewrite whatever we know about standard physics in the universe. All in all from where I’m standing. Very exciting.

It just so happens that some people are far more excited about it for different reasons. For a while now ignorant masses are calling the Large Hadron Collider a doomsday machine. Fearing that turning it on could destroy the world in a giant cataclysm by forming black holes that would swallow us all or rip a hole in the space time continuum or something like that. The same people have tried using legal injunctions to shut the facility down. In fact, the scientists working on the project have received death threats to stop the Hadron Collider from going operational. I can only assume that these people are taking Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons a bit too seriously or have forgotten to take their medication to ease their paranoia.

Now people have died because of their unfounded fears proving once again that science doesn’t kill, but superstition and beliefs do.

Personally the scientist in me will tell you that it’s going to be fine. The world will not end on October 21st when the facility goes 100% operational. The initial tests done on the 10 of September hasn’t destroyed the world, yet. It’s 9 billion dollars worth of funding to find out more about how the universe was created. I say, they are probably going to get their money’s worth of it.

Yet…a small part, the science fiction geek part in me WANTS something to happen. Microscopic black holes are the rage and all, but what I really want happening is that we punch a hole in the fabric of reality or at the very least, between dimensions of this world and something else. I don’t care if hell spawn comes barrelling out feeding on the brains of people or we find opposing genders of ourselves or a combination of it both. It would be a hell lot more interesting than a 50/50 chance of redefining what only physicists can understand about the universe and all its creation.

So that’s why I take a few moments every night before I go to bed to ask the Lab God to grant my small wish.

“O God of research laboratories big and small. Please grant us this chance to open our small world to the infinite magnificence and horror that is all of reality. Please let us fracture the walls between time, space, and the void that’s in between. We all need a little perspective in our lives and not just us, your devout followers of truth, who understand the importance of it. Veritas vos liberabit. Amen.”

While it’s good to pray every once in a while even though you know it’s to no one tangible. It’s also good to have a shotgun, a chainsaw, some body armour and health packs stashed throughout your house should this prayer ever come true. You never know. Especially since science fiction always does have a tiniest bit of truth to it. At least in this case I hope. Shucks to know better.

5 thoughts on “Please God I Want Reality To Fracture. Amen

  1. I’m excited about this too, for both the same reasons. If things go to pot, raid three places: a gun/knife/general asskickery shop, a car dealer that sells real cars (not those pissy Hybrids), and the supermarket for lots and lots of Twinkies. What? They’ll keep.

  2. This is excited news for everyone and the scientist because it could bring change to everything in Physis and maybe in other area. But it is also a dangerous moved. It could cause stirred to people. This experiments could spark new war weapons, new disaster to human beings and much more.

    I hope … peace and harmony.

  3. Lelia: See, instead of cars, what you need is a horse for transportation. With the assumption that you’ll run out of fuel, a horse will keep going, especially when the roads are all clogged up with cars. Apocalypse survival 101.

    Fooi: This reply is exactly what’s wrong with the rest of the world. Do you even know what the experiment is about? There is no ways wars will come out of this. You don’t need a 9 billion dollar particle accelerator to make new weapons. We can do that nicely on our own. This will possibly revolutionize the way we think about the universe in all its creation. It’s the fear of new things that cause humanity to make stupid mistakes in panic. Knowledge never kills anyone. Ignorance does.

  4. Being a full geek, I’m really excited about the actual collision test as well. Of course, not to the point of hoping for dimensional rifts and the such – just the possibility of answering some fundamental universal truths that will go a LONG way in the development of never seen before technologies.

    Proof of the elusive Boson Higgs might allow us to manipulate matter and mass at a subatomic level (think transporters and replicators). Understanding dark energy and dark matter might allow us hopefully develop FTL travel. Heck, quantum theories have never been in more exciting times than this. 😀

    Oh well, I’ll still probably never see any of those in my lifetime. Can someone discover a formula for immortality? 😛

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