Principles Of Life: Equivalent Trade

Nothing gained is without sacrificing something of equal value.

The law of conservation. It is something that I have followed for most of my life largely without knowing what it is all about. It is something that governs us all whether we tend to agree or not. Whatever we gain, we lose something else in return for it. Whatever we lose, we gain something else whether we realise it or accept it.

Equivalent trade.

It is something that would make sense in this whole world gone wrong.

Or would it really?

The irony is that from a distance, the world does not revolve around this law. How can two people who both work hard for the same goal end up with one failing and one acing? How can child lose his or her life before she even has a chance to make an impact on the world. How can the good people always die and the assholes that populate the world still go on and on?

What did they truly sacrifice?

What did they truly gain?

Then again…we human beings were always born with a lack of foresight and acute perception of things. We can understand the face value of life and the individual details of one’s actions and we have long been content to live the rest of our lives based on those values and details. Maybe that’s why laws like this do not make sense.

In our own arrogance and ignorance we only see what is around us, see what circles us. The little parts of the machinery that keeps the the larger system working. It’s like trying to conclude the larger picture by only seeing a tiny fraction of the canvas.

It really doesn’t work that way.

If a law, a principle or a system is absolute then so must the area it governs…which in this case isn’t the world around us that we see…but the universe that we have yet to comprehend. Given that possibility…then equivalent trade where gains can only happen with sacrifices could work. Loosing something doesn’t mean you’re the one who will be gaining. If the universe is a connected whole…that would mean that sacrificing something could also indirectly cause someone else or something else to gain…not just for yourself.

Does that make any sense?

I hope it did.

It just sucks that we rarely have the capabilities to see it. It sucks more that we rarely have the mentality to understand it. Yet…even with our inability to comprehend all this, life still goes on and the system is still in place. That balance between sacrifice and gains has been here from the moment the universe was born and would still be here when the universe ends.

Equivalent trade.

It’s about time we realised that rule.

It’s about time we made some use of it.

24 thoughts on “Principles Of Life: Equivalent Trade

  1. Snicker, nice rip off of another useless, mind numbing, neutron killing, iq reducing japanese trash anime.

    P.s. I’m not Racist, Anime is just bad, especially for those who choose to watch cartoons beyond the age of 10..

  2. To each their own…because by the same concept you can also say ALL movies, books and TV shows are just as mind numbing. Hard to put a value on it when some people are too close minded and blind to look at it for more than it’s worth.

  3. No, seriously, I believe the purpose for these animes are to entertain kids, it’s kind of sad to see college students using library facillities using bit torrent to download this kind of crap.

    Naturally, since they hog all the bandwith, my research on fuel cells will have to be paused till they’re done downloading 300 MB of KAWAII!! anime.

  4. Not all anime’s are crap. Sure there are the really cute kiddish ones and even I can’t stand those. But anime caters to a wide range of age groups. Full Metal Alchemist itself isn’t really meant for small kids to begin with. It’s a pretty serious show almost like Neon Genesis Evengelion which is philosophical enough to only be grasped by adults.

  5. Wait… you’re referring a person who dislikes anime, and refers it strictly for children or immatured adults to another anime…

    Doesn’t that sound bad? Hey Listen, FMA isn’t really meant for small kids to begin with. It’s pretty serious bladi blady bla bla…

    So if FMA is almost as serious as NGE, then I’d reckon they carry the same amount of tangibility.

    Based on my roommate , who is a jackass, with what a 250 GB hard disk dedicated to anime, who also somehow manages to download swiftly any anime releases, and flunk most classes at one go, who gave me a clear synopsis of this FMA anime, here’s what I understand..

    You can fix-things by drawing a …alchemist circle on the floor and placing both hands on it. Sweet Alchemy, wish I as a scientist could do the same.

    Secondly, you could as easily as snapping a finger, alter and migrate the parts humans are made of, to simply making them into a live bomb using the traces of amount of sulphur and/or potassium found in their body.

    Thirdly, you could easily alter H20’s chemical state to Ethanol by touching water.

    Next, you can bring back the dead with alchemy…[well almost] *Gasp*

    Alright, you know where I’m going, it’s bad… it’s extremely silly, and the idea’s possed, are practically stupid.

    But I know, you might be saying, but GOKUL-SAN-KAWAII it has a moral! It’s good to watch and learn these morals.

    I say, HELL YEAH It has a moral, whatcha think, it’s for kids, go figure..

    Sure I could stop commenting if you want, it’s your webbie afterall, but I’m just looking for someone who could with coherent points and a valid debating style, turn my opinion of animes… blah.

    P.S. Dumb room mate requests BT link tracker crap for episode 51 as spoon(?) does not work… hrm.

  6. Dude…like I said, by the SAME concept you’re implying, you could as easily go back to the past with a 1985 Delorean powered by table scraps, rings could posess you to do unspeakable things and Aliens would have conquered Earth countless of times…and so on so forth.

    It’s what’s called fiction.

    It’s meant for enjoyment.

    Every story has it’s own morals not just animes, doesn’t mean its for kids. As I put it on my own post, even understanding the ideas behind what FMA stood for requires more than just a casual glance beyond the fictional qualities it had. In fact, if you go through other posts, the breakdown of philosophy here doesn’t limit itself to anime alone. I’ve written plenty of philosophical breakdowns from other movies as well.

    This post isn’t about the anime.

    It’s about what that phrase meant.

    If other people see value that you can’t see, why bother wasting breath on trying to convince you otherwise. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it and stay far far away from it like the plague rather than going to it. My condolences if you have a roommate who is an anime freak. I suggest you move to a new place if you really can’t stand it and stop complaining about it.

  7. Hah, well while I am annoyed by him being an anime freak, no reason to move out with a perfectly reasonable room mate. He doesn’t bug me with his anime, but I weep with my 40 gb hd with almost 38 gb used up, mostly with research papers, application forms, vitae’s etc, when compared to him. But that’s another story.

    Anyhow, I don’t plan to ask you to stop watching anime, chances of that relatively happening is pretty much negligible, but regardless of how you explain it, at the end of the day, as my dad would say ‘Get up off your sorry ass from watching cartoons and go wash the plates’

    Philosophical takes on things like animes? That’s really fun, I always thought anime was there just to let the creators make money, and tonnes of it from their sponsors by selling them rights to make merchandises and games, and what have you.

    And speaking of philosophy, it’s really sad, you’d look beyond what an anime is supposed to potray, when clearly, like you said, it’s there for entertainment. But hey, what you do with your excess free time is up to you, be it as completely useless as it may.

    Good day 😉

  8. I am so sorry about the spam filter. I just upgraded it to the new version and it’s extra sensitive. You posted so many messages in such short space of time that it thought that you were spam. I’ve toned it down already.

    Well…I don’t know about you watching cartoons until you forget your responsibilities, but as much as I like animes, there are other needful things in life. Moderation is everything.

    Well…as I said before, the world is the way it is because people always lack perception and foresight beyond what’s face value. To you it may be a waste of time. Then again, you’re not exactly an academician are you. 🙂 Not everything is the way you think it is especially at first glance.

  9. It was a famous line from an anime my dear Kris. Yes yes…I know you don’t watch them. Then again…to the bystander. You got the gist of it. I wasn’t talking about the anime at all.

  10. There is some aspects of equivalent trade, you’ve missed.. These aspects aren’t even included, but I’ve reached those conclusions by philosophy. The principle of equivalent trade, also known as the law of conservation goes deeply into the roots of our world. This principle agrees to, that if we enjoy (positive) the goods of our world, then we’ll pay with something else: Pollution (negative).. But what you don’t get here is, that it can go the other way around: If we remove pollution, we remove joy, because cleaning is hard work. In this situation, the principle fits..

    If a child dies, it doesn’t gain anything, but loses everything.. Well.. That’s wrong.. You’ve forgot an important factor: What comes after death? Here, we don’t know for sure, but the only thing, I might image is: Afterlife, resurrection.. By the use of these, you keep everything, and you still keep it… If we go the other way around (let’s say we begin with the beginning of world): You can’t keep everything (life) and avoid nothing (death), so that means: There is no beginning, nor is there any end of the world..

    Two persons study very hard to become certified alchemists.. Only one becomes certified.. That’s where you might think of failure, but if you take it the other way around: One studies very hard, and .. .. .. One becomes certified.. That’s because ONE and ONLY one has worked hard enough.. The other one lost time, but gained experience.. If the other one didn’t train, he would gain time, but lose experience.. See?

    That is the principle of the world.. Equivalent trade!

  11. I did cover those aspects in my post. That’s why I applied them in a universal sense. For a system to be universal, thet have not govern not just the individual but the entire universe.

    I was talking about how things like a child dying before they are born doesn’t affect the individual, but the universal criteria that we cannot see or understand. The balance is there…but on a larger scale.

    Then it would make more sense.

  12. So you believe in the principle of equivalent trade? The words of Dante in the 50th episode are very important for the believers of equivalent trade. There are certain ways to argue with her, and my way was just one of them. I still believe in the principle of equivalent trade.. If you do so too, then I am glad, that I am the only one.. The Fullmetal Alchemist is an excellent and the best series, you can ever get. This was THE movie, that made me think of philosophy in a completely other way.. And this movie has given me the verification to this law: Intelligence is gained through resistance.. The more you suffer, the more intelligent, you will get. If you need some examples, then ask 🙂 The people, I have asked, all confirm that (those people had been through terrible moments in their life and did gain intelligence).. As a part of that rule, there is another one bundled: If you fall through (i. e. if you do not resist, you will not gain intelligence).

    That has been one of my aspects on my upcoming book.. The human race is not evolving, instead we are standing at exactly the same place, we stood 10000 years ago.. Our environment is evolving, not us.. Many years ago, only the strongest (physically and mentally) survived and got children.. Today, weaklings are surviving, too.. That is not good for the human race, but because of our newly created thing called: conscience, we allow such things to happen.

  13. I’ve known that fact for a long time now before Full Metal Alchemist came out. That’s why I do what I do now which is Biotechnology and focus on genetic engineering. It’s my “alchemy” and my own solution to the stagnant progress of the human race.

    My motto is this.

    When you have a problem. Solve it the best way you know how to.

  14. Problems don’t exist.. According to the equivalent trade.. You get as much good as evil bundled with the problem.. And by the way: I like the way, you think of it..

    It seems like, I’ve found someone here to dicuss this with 🙂

  15. Well…what IS a problem to begin with? I mean we’re the ones that consider it a problem in the first place right? Which means every “bad” parts that hinder us from our wants or needs is a problem.

    So maybe to rephrase it carefully.

    When you have something standing in your way of what you want or need. Deal with it the best way you know how.

    Haha…glad I could discuss it with you too.

  16. Well.. I forgot to ask you something: Did you like Full Metal Alchemist? Or was it just yet another serie of anime episodes? 🙂

  17. I was going to go off on that guy talking about something (FMA) that he obviously didn’t know anything about. Ranting about the mechanics of a series but knowing nothing about the actual story and plot lines. Then again, I thought Full Metal Alchemist was kinda kiddy too, until I got to the part about Nina and her dog. Still sends chills down my spine…

  18. I’ve never watched FMA nor knew what it was until just recently when one of my co-workers told me to go watch it and read the manga. So I’m not basing this Principle of Equivalent Trade off FMA or anything else.

    I knew about alchemy from Harry Potter (:P) but I didn’t think a character like Flamel actually existed until I read another book and actually took the time to read some articles and history on him. Reading it, it shook my world and suddenly nothing seemed to make sense.
    Then I decided to read about the Law of Conservation of Mass/ Conservation of Mass. I don’t quite understand all of it with my studies so far in science. I’m not a bio/chem/science major.
    Then I stumble across this. I read it and reread it and again and again until it stated to make sense.

    I can’t say I disagree nor agree with you, but I do believe that it makes sense. I beleive with Amel Durakovic about the experience gained and what was posted. I do remember about the child life thing in FMA, but I don’t want this comment to be relating to it.

    ..this sounds like a useless comment post. -.-
    I think what I want to say is that these laws; laws about energy, motion, mass and everything/anything else; I Believe are ABSOLUTE. These laws/principles explain a lot about this world and maybe possible the people also. Just from everyday life, there is equivalent trade. You work ‘X’ amount of hours and you get paid for it. You want to buy something, you pay for it. Loss, gains and (mb?) sacrifices.
    The dark thought in my head is that if the Laws/Principles are ABSOLUTE and history would never lie (right? At least that’s what I believe), but can be biased (depending on POV), what if not everything is what it seems? …I think…I should take my Philosophy class now…-_-;;

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