Professional Ang Pao Money Hunter

OK, that’s enough jumping around and shouting “We’re number one”, now we get to write something more important which presents me with the other problem. What could be more important then jumping around the place while shouting “We’re number one”?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Chinese New Year is around the corner which in Malaysian terms means that it’s another festive season and a shit assed long holiday ahead. As far as I know it, there won’t be any music gigs until the 2nd which gives me plenty of time to bum around for that well deserved rest…or not. This is a perfect time for me to get my blog theme up to speed…not to mention prepare another little surprise for a close friend of mine.

Aside from that, I don’t think I’ll be doing much house visiting these days. It’s not just that I’m too old, it’s also that I realised that so many friends do happen to be going back to their hometown for Chinese New Year. Not like that has stopped me before, so I’ve going to go with the “I’m older” excuse. I mean, I remember an age when I used to arm myself with a backpack, some good shoes and my best behaviour and just go from house to house to collect Ang Pao.

I’d have the whole heist route planned out. Which houses to go first because they are close friends which have the most loot and more importantly, great food. I’d leave the other target of opportunities along the way, who usually were people I knew but aren’t close with. I’d keep those fast. Go in wish them well, collect Ang Pao money, have some food with some small talk then leave in as short time as possible. I didn’t randomly visit houses of people I didn’t know because, come on…I may have been a kid then, but at least I had some humility and when all your friends happen to be chinese, rest assured I didn’t have to stoop lower than I already did.

By the time the main Chinese New Year celebrations (which are like the first two days, the other 12 13 days have their significance in their own way but not many non-chinese people are aware of it) were over and if I’m lucky, I could rake up between 600 to 1000 bucks in raw hard cash. And when you’re still in primary school with some of your milk teeth left in your mouth, 1000 bucks to you seems like you just won the freaking billion dollar lottery or something. That gives me all the reason to be happy for a while, usually while jumping around the room while shouting “We’re number one” at the top of my lungs. I stopped doing that for real and started doing in my head after my parents thought I was annoyingly crazy and told me to shut up.

Still…those were the fun days alright. Days in which you have no idea where they went and when you grew out of it. Days in which innocence was unquestionable and you were invincible. Days in whereby for those moments in the year, your handmade name card said “Professional Ang Pao Money Hunter” and there was nothing anyone could do to stop you. Days when you could get your hands on what resembled a million billion dollars. Those were days alright.

Until that other festival comes and you become the Professional Duit Raya Collector, but that of course is another story.

9 thoughts on “Professional Ang Pao Money Hunter

  1. you…you…shameless money sucker!!

    having said that, i used to be guilty of the same thing, though i only did agressive ang pau collecting once, when i was 13. i went with my primary school friends and we went around each other’s houses, which was great because we all lived in close proximity. so we walked around in the sun and at the end of the day, counted our booty and bought ice cream to celebrate.

    looking back, i’m not exactly proud of myself for doing that.

  2. You folks are crazy. How do you harvest 1000? I’ve never once even managed half of that.

    But I’m sure I consume CNY food worth that much* so I shouldn’t complain.

    You see, I’m a great guest. I don’t leave in a hurry.

    (*and stay slim)

  3. Lishun: Takes one to know one. 🙂

    Lionel: Ok, it may have been less than 1000 bucks, but I sure as hell remember it to be more than 600. You get the good houses that give you 50 bucks for Ang Pao. You stay long in those houses, they have really good food and makes it all worth it. Of course they are also close friends so that goes without saying.

    Pat: Wouldn’t you have before?

  4. CNY goes on for 15 days not 14. There isn’t much significance for any of the days except the first and last.

  5. where on earth did you get rm50 in one ang pau lah?! you must have had freaking rich friends because the common practice is to give rm50 or rm100 to direct family ONLY. extended family members get something like rm5 to rm20, depending on the financial condition of the ang-pau-giving family. and children of friends or friends of children should be getting rm2 to rm5 ang paus.

    rm50?! from friends’ parents?!

  6. Lishun: Yes…it just so happen, I did hang around rich friends. Though I never got 100 bucks before. It was 5, 10 and the occassional 50 bucks. This was all before that recession and before everyone got more stingy with their Ang Pao money.

  7. I’m lucky. I collected enough to feed Seraphine for a month now, and thing is, I hit jackpot!!!

    *Uncle has a lottery every year whereby somone would get RM 50 in their angpau instead of RM20* XDXD

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