Pushing It

When you’re thinking about blogging and sharing the moments that happened during the day when you’re suffering from nauseating pain so bad, you want to keel over and rip the painful parts off, you know you’ve crossed the line between blogging and insanity. At times like this it helps to have a partner that would drag you off to bed.

So I’m going.

No questioned asked.

3 thoughts on “Pushing It

  1. Dr Chicky prescribes that you take a laptop with wifi and go to bed. You’ll feel better in the morning.

    Get well kami, I hope you don’t have what I have because it’s nasty and it’s doing the rounds!

  2. ChickyBabe: Being prescribed by a doctor would be something everyone would follow. 🙂 Too bad I don’t have a laptop that I can use. I do have a bed I could lie down in and sleep. It’s nothing that’s going around though. It’s more like something I’ve lived with for a better part of a decade. Surgery as they say, cures all. 🙂

    Tracey: Damn straight it isn’t. Hence the very inviting bed. 🙂

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