Putting The Idiot On The Idiot Box

“Have you watched the BBC interview with the foreign minister of Malaysia?”

“No. Why?”

“Because he is making an asshat of being a foreign minister.”

“More reason for me not to watch it then.”

If you already didn’t know why I never bothered to keep up with any current events back home, hopefully you’re starting to get the idea already. Being on the same league as Big Brother and other reality TV shows of its ilk, no one wants to see another idiot make a fool of himself on International TV. Where did all the smart people on TV go? Probably been overlooked in place of World’s Dumbest Police Chases. The cruelty of mainstream pop culture.

That being said, if you came here for the photos of my Canberra trip yesterday, you’d have to wait until tomorrow. There is always someone hogging the bandwidth when you most need to use the line and today you can blame him instead. They are good and interesting pictures though, of course, you’d have to take my word for it until then.

3 thoughts on “Putting The Idiot On The Idiot Box

  1. OK, will wait for you pics. 🙂

    Dang, I nver caught our esteemed foreign minister on BBC. I’m such a masochist. Like to toture myself watching idiots squirming and aaah aaah aaah-ing on national TV. lol

  2. Hahahaha! You didn’t miss much. There weren’t any surprises, really. What was amazing was how for all his ass-acity, he managed to ‘deflect’ quite a few pointed questions by going waaaay off tangent. The collective audience of suckers with nothing better to do would have one reaction right after, “Huh?”. So much for Hardtalk.

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