Reconstructing Footsteps In The Mirror

As some of you who actually do read my blog know, I’ve been having some problems getting WordPress 2 up to speed on my own blog. No it isn’t a program problem. It’s more like a user problem because of the fact I machine my blog with so many plugins which I have modified over the time that I have used WordPress.

So to start the New Year and seeing that it’s been pretty good so far, I’ve decided to speed up the long needed revamp a little bit early. Kinda force myself to finish my theme. So a lot of the theme functions here are goign to be stripped down to a bare minimum of what a blog is until I get the rest of my theme coded right…which hopefully will be sometime this month.

So yeah, Footsteps in the Mirror is under reconstruction. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging, it just means by the time the dust has settled, you’ll be looking at something wholly different, but completely the same. So just you wait for it.

One thought on “Reconstructing Footsteps In The Mirror

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