Religious Genocide Is Never Right

Now I am not the most religious person to date. I’m not exactly what you call a devout muslim (more like one born as one). So whatever I say right here and now is merely based on what I know and what you know as decent civillized human beings and I would like you to remember that as you read on.

Yesterday I talked about why I’m scared of religion. Why to me religion can represent a roadblock in humanity’s ability to explore beyond what they know or understand. Oddly enough, about the same time, something else came to light, something that proved the point that it’s not about the belief in the religion that scares us, it is how we choose to believe in it that is downright frightening.

So what is so wrong about what was written at Bismika Allahuma (Translated as “In your name, O’ God.”). For one even for a Muslim, I do not remember reading in the Quran that you’re supposed to “do what you can in order to expose and destroy Christianity”. I do remember reading about how we are suppose to protect ourselves from influences that would destroy the civillisation, but I don’t recall Christianity being one of those influences.

What I do recall is that this was written in a time where the conditions were harsh and bordering decadent. Yes, we literally walked into Madinah and gave the idolaters a run for their money. Yes we spent about 200 years fighting the Crusades against the Christians because they didn’t like the way we looked at them in some bar and took it outside because we didn’t have TV let alone the sports channel back then. Yes we’re still fighting the same war over Jerusalem for centuries now because someone forgot who owned the title deed.

Yes, my history is not that hazy, but all of that is beside the point. It doesn’t matter. What matters is, nowhere have I read the Quran states that we should start a pre-emptive strike against our neighbours who are mostly made up of nice people because their relatives ticked you off. Nowhere. I did read it. I did check the text and I don’t happen to see that particular command from our parent architype called God.

As far as I know we’re supposed to treat our neighbours with respect and tolerence for their ideals. Yes, we can be responsible in sharing with them the glorious after-life health benefits that comes with our side of the story. But just because our forefathers died by the sword in upholding the torch that is Islam doesn’t give you the same right to launch your own Crusade to force everyone to see things your way in a time when some of us have better things to do like trying to win the war against cancer.

Posts like that only serve to show the extreme prejudices and the narrow parochial idealogy that begets not just Islam but all other religions as well. Fine, Islam isn’t exactly the most low profile religion since 9/11, but why for the love of all that’s holy and sacred do you plan to show to the world that this is what Islam is made off? Trigger happy hypocritical genophobics who would feel much safer if all the world follows your idea of “the right word”, even if it means burning unbelievers where they stand.

Now you can choose to dismiss my word completely that this is wrong because you might say I side with the Kuffar. You might dismiss what I say right now because I freely admit that I’m not the most devout Muslim in the world. But what I say right here isn’t based on belief from our God or their God or whichever God. I’m saying this because I am a human being who understands what is right and wrong in this world.

A call that borders on religious genocide is never ever right. No matter what you believe in, genocide is always wrong.

Just because you don’t agree to it doesn’t mean you should start your own personal war because other people have their own lives to lead. Other religions including Islam will always be here to stay. They will never be in danger of dying out anytime soon no matter what anyone does. So get over yourself. We believe what we want to believe because it is the right thing to trust in. So stop this nonsense that someone else is wrong because they don’t agree to the trvial details that seperate them from you. God made us all equal and that is as good as any reason to try and get along with each other.

Don’t fuck it up for everybody.

4 thoughts on “Religious Genocide Is Never Right

  1. …religion can represent a roadblock in humanity’s ability to explore beyond what they know or understand.”

    The wisdom in that 1 sentence is like so deep…

    btw,i hope u don’t mind but i placed some links to ur article in my post regaring the med student guide.
    Also,i was wondering,Is having a blog containing spam words a bad thing?

  2. No I don’t mind since I also sourced it from another place. Yes to me it can be a bad thing cause at the end of it, it’s those kind of people who want to find those things that come to this blog. Not exactly what you call target readers. 🙂

  3. Good Stuff man! My beliefs are very near to what you express. I was born and raised a Christian and I have to admit that the politicians (Bush and most of the other assholes) piss me off to no end! These bastards wear their Religion on their arm, but everything they do is so hypocritical that they disgust me. I am so fucking upset with all these assholes that have put this world on the edge and the hypocrites all kill in the name of their fucked up beliefs and the whole power thing is going fuck it up for all of us. The money that these assholes are pissing away at war could have saved so many lives and we need leaders to see that before it is too late.

    Progressive peace is so much better for all of us!

    Peace my friend!


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