Remembering The Important Questions

Her melancholic presence graced my own once again. This time a fragment self-assurance and individuality peeked from those sad eyes. Eyes that once begged for forgiveness on her part. While the rest of the events surrounding me were chaotic and fractured, all I can concentrate on was her. The woman that once gave me a reason to sacrifice everything in my life for the sake of love. The woman that changed my life forever.

She took my outstretched hand and began walking beside me. Never saying a word but already expressing what she was feeling. A habit that never died between us. A habit that even transcends the surreal moments we dwell upon. Even so, she was distant. Lost in thoughts that were unfamiliar to me, unfamiliar to us.

As the fractured events grew more chaotic, all I could do was focus on her. Her graceful pose. Her sad smile. Her troubled thoughts. With all that’s left behind I looked at her and asked question that bore the most weight on me. The question I should have asked from the moment I saw her.

The sunlight filtered past the blinds illuminating the room in a soft warm glow. She was gone and I was alone. Morning routine notwithstanding, I got up and sat down in front of the screen. Morning routine aside, I went straight to my mailbox. Remembering the dream, I began my lines with last question on my mind.

“Hey Ju, how’s things on your end been these past few months?”

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