Reporting In From Sydney…

Just my luck. There is a God after all…and that’s why I’m actually online right about now. But that’s beside the point. The point is that right now I’m sitting in front of a computer in the backpacking dorm we’re staying in, feeling really tired for one reason and one reason only.

Sydney is one comfortable city to be in.

I am not joking. I mean…from the moment I got here, there is this huge sense of alien comfort in this city. From the sights to the sounds and even smells itself. I don’t know. Maybe I miss being in the city for far too long. All I know is that if anything I am a trite and true city slicker, I may not have been born in one…

But damn if I wasn’t raised in one.

I may love to see the stars at night. I may never tire to see the sun setting over the horizon every day. I may even love that whole sense of small town community friendliness. But deep down inside…there is still that fire that’s born only to those who have lived in a city all their lives.

That sense of unsurprising apathy that keeps you cool in moments of extreme crisis. That feeling of paranoia and restlessness that always seems to save your butt and force you to do things you never thought of doing before. That experience of more things to see…more life to live.

People may argue that large cities have their negative effect. That kind of breeding place for depravity and decadance. I say at the end of it all…that’s what reality is all about. Not just that depravity and decadance that people always seem to focus their attention on. But the melting pot life itself because even in the harsh nature of cities, there always is that trace of harmonic beauty to it…and that is what it is all about.

The good.

The bad.

The essance who we truly are in the concrete jungle of our own making.

I’m actually glad I came despite my monetary issues. I’m glad I’m able to make friends and find something else to do during the holidays. I’m glad I’m able to expand my job propects and reinforce and comfirm future ones. I’m glad that in the end even standing in the crowd and feeling that insecure feeling of isolation doesn’t bother me much.


Because I’m in a city that never sleeps.

Because I’m where I most thrive and belong to.

Because it’s the closest thing I can always call home.

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  1. well whatever it is… im just glad u enjoyed ur time over there…. i do miss home… or at least the things we used to do…. hehe :)… looking foward to see u… and i find myself wishing for that these days… more often that i think ii would

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