Rest in Peace Steve

Somehow we expected it coming, but I think for many of us, we never thought we’d live to see it happen. But it happened and Steve Irwin is now dead due to a Stingray Barb that went through his heart while filming a documentry.

Despite his wild and crazy antics that captured the attention of viewers worldwide, I think all he tried do is to bring to our attention the world in which he saw. I guess, it’s easy to pay more attention when a person dances with what we fear ourselves. We learn to face that unknown and we find that it’s not that scary as we might think. To that, I say that Steve Irwin is a testament off, someone who’s passion for the nature, while getting the best of him, helped a lot of us understand that some fears come when we turn a blind eye towards it.

So here is to Steve Irwin. Father, husband, extreme naturalist, crocodile hunter and Austalian icon. While your passion may have killed you, I dare say that it won’t be in vain. May you rest in peace.

3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Steve

  1. Hello,

    Didn’t really expect him to go the way he went. Still, he wouldn’t be the Croc’Hunter if he went while he was at home sitting on the rocking chair at the porch…this would be the way he would and could have move on.

    Still, RIP.

    p/s ya blog came my way for a different and due to a sensitive matter that on the surface had passed but I think remain submerged for its own explosion in its own time.

    Cheerio nonetheless.


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