Resting Up and Blogging Down

The thing about academic writing is that it shouldn’t be forcibly worked on, non-stop, in a matter of days. The side effect of is that after you’re done, your brain is so overworked with with thought that even the normal things that you say on a daily basis seems to have no meaning anymore.

So when it comes to what I really want to say, I just am not in the right frame of mind to put it down. It’s not like I already don’t have a backlog of matters that have been crossing my mind for the past two weeks. Which things I meant to say and things I ought to say, I feel that somehow I have a lot to make up for when writing is my sole comfort. Unfortunately, that shouldn’t be the case.

We write, we blog because we have something to say and not because we force ourselves to have something to say. That has always been a cardinal rule to good blogging.

Of course sometimes, especially when you know you have readers who like what you wrote, that you can get carried away with the expectations you impose on yourself in regards to what other people expect from your own written thoughts. It’s easy to fall into that pattern especially when you enjoy the attention you know you’re getting.

So make no apologies for things I told you I wanted to write. I know it’s good business to owe up to what you said you were going to do and it’s not like I won’t get to them. It’s just that it all goes back to what this blog is all about. If I’m going to keep forcing myself to write the things I don’t feel like writing, the end result wouldn’t be have much of me in it. And on the scale of what’s important before I even think of blogging, Mel comes first, I’m number two, and rest of the blogging world would be somewhere out there.

This weekend at least is about taking care of me. It is for me unwind and tie up any loose ends here in the real world. Whatever thoughts that are on my mind will have to wait as always, the world won’t implode because I haven’t written it yet. So at least when I do put it down, it’ll be the best that I can put it. Which will always be better than if you force yourself to do it.

Now there is a little bit of wisdom there you can go ponder on.

2 thoughts on “Resting Up and Blogging Down

  1. agreed. sometimes when i phrase my words so precisely because i am aware of the readers, i end up being deprived of the gratification of having worded my thoughts.

    have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  2. Hey chloe. Maybe it’s time to realise that wording your own thoughts precisely wins people for who you are. When they stay, you know it’s for real.

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