Returning To Roots

It’s been such a long time since I’ve wrote here, it almost feels like a fresh start redoing the site and just writing something. That was the problem with Facebook and Twitter. I shared so much with it, that I got caught up with wanting to world to know what I heard, what I saw and what I felt.

It was when, what I thought became more private, that I began to realise that it was more important to just write it down, rather than just share. I did contemplate on writing, old school, in a physical journal, but having still own the domain name and this little slice of the internet, there was no sense letting it go to waste. Plus, it’s a pain to get out and develop photos to glue into the journal. Awesome to do so, but I was never that kind of guy. Here at least, I can just upload it. That is when I figure out how best to do it in painlessly.

So, new title, new tagline, same journey through life while trying to put it in a perspective where I can accept. It’s not much of a rebirth, but then again, it’s not like I’ve found some new meaning to life anyway.

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