Salvation In A Black Box

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Behold…after so long. After all the years of waiting and saving and having to stand back and watch other people flaunt it in my face. After so long.

I have exactly what I want.

And for the 5th time today. No I did not get an Ipod. I got something better. Now mind you that compared to the new 6 gig Ipod mini, this little baby does sort off pale in comparison, but I expect its 6 gig replacements to be just as good as how this little bugger beat the 5 gig Ipod mini flat.

I mean how could it not? It has a longer battery life, it’s smaller, it’s lighter, it sounds better, it’s got an in-built radio which can record and comes with an organiser in it…hell, it even works as a portable removable drive. The best part of all is this.

It does not run on Itunes.

I just love the way that sentence rolls off my tongue.

As much as I wanted its bigger brothers, there is no way I can afford them. In fact, even with all the savings, I have just enough personal expenditures to scrap through the next two months on my own. Heck…I haven’t eaten a proper meal since almost 2 days ago. That’s how far I’m going to be pushing things for the next few weeks just to even out the price I paid to get my hands on this.

But it was more than worth it.

Sometimes the smallest things that are taken for granted by many can be worth more than the price they paid for it. This little baby might have just saved my life and secured a future I should be able to reach out and touch. I said it before, somethings I’m willing to starve for just to make sure I don’t hear them again.

I always keep to my word.

Thanks to those of you who helped me get this.

It means a lot to me.

More than many of you would ever know.

More than I will ever admit to myself.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Salvation In A Black Box

  1. I just spent 2 1/2 hours on the freaking plane, and I was going ‘insane’!! I seriously need to get one of this.

    🙂 Nice black…

    Glad you got it already…tell me how is it…might just want to get one eventually.

  2. Mindy: I seriously would not recommend Ipod for a lot of reasons. For one is that in Malaysia it is much more expensive than what you can get outside. Second is that it’s not really flexible by its own especially in regards to battery life. Thirdly is that you have to rely a lot on Itunes when it comes to transfering songs which makes it a pain. Look for more players out there. The one I’m using now is pretty good and it does have a longer battery life than an Ipon Mini of the same disk space even.

  3. Well, my hubby is thinking of getting me an Ipod mini. Just wanna check out the price in M’sia, cause I’m in US now.

  4. Well if you still want to buy an IPod Mini, I would recommend you get it in US because it’s cheaper and they come with more offers. Warranty would be hard to manage though in case something goes wrong.

    I dunno. From what I hear…the IPod mini just has a lot of problems compared to the compatition of the same kind that’s all.

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