Signs Of WordPress Addiction

I said it before and I say it again. We’re a crazy bunch of geeks and we’re not afraid to prove it.

* NeuroCide has joined #wordpress
<wpbot> NeuroCide is Rehan S. Alvi who is originally from California and blogs at about life as a medical student in Islamabad, Pakistan.
<NeuroCide> A 7.8 earthquake just hit my city!
<mahangu> NeuroCide, and you’re on the internet!
<NeuroCide> haha yea
<NeuroCide> and i’m in a 14 story building
<NeuroCide> i just got back inside
<NeuroCide> it was so scary to be swaying back and forth so much
<mahangu> NeuroCide, you’re crazy
<mahangu> 🙂
<Kamigoroshi> is is safe?
<Kamigoroshi> you know the coolest thing?
<Kamigoroshi> we know the news firsthand from someone who’s there..

Maybe #wordpress should be the one stop news solution. We’re certainly crazy enough to be there when things happen.

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