Single No More

The night air turned to small misty breaths around us. Despite the darkness, we could see a faint whisper of a cloud escape with every breath. She wrapped her hands around herself warming them up in the folds of her clothes. The ground was hard, yet it had a springy sensation to it. The short cropped grass pressed against our backs, prickled us as we lay upon it.

Yet despite the cold night air and the hard prickly ground, she pressed against me, comforted by the closeness of a friend who has stood by her through thick and thin. Comforted by the knowledge that she could share with a person she would trust with her life. Comforted by the awe and grandeur that greeted us as we stared up onto the infinite night. With our fingers intertwined, none of us could tear our eyes away from the night sky.

“You know, I could kiss you right here, right now, underneath the stars and when we leave this field, what’s left would be the memory of it burned in our minds never to be repeated again?”

“That is one of the most beautiful thing to say.”

“I don’t think I could love a friend any more than I love you.”

“I know, because I love you too.”

With that, we got up. We looked into each other’s eyes for a brief moment, only to end it with a deep hug and a peck on the cheek. Some lines aren’t meant to be crossed just yet. Some moments aren’t supposed to destroyed no matter the desires. Some friendships aren’t meant to blossom in to things that make such perfect sense.

Walking away from the field under the brilliant night, we huddled against the silence with our hands in our pockets. Walking away from the from the field under the infinite stars, we would still be the same. Never wavering from what makes us who we are. Her, the friend who was always there and will always call upon my desires like a siren. Me, the man who for these last few hours, would pretend to be single. For these last few hours would stare into the face of temptation and pat it on the head.

For tomorrow would be a brand new day. Tomorrow she would return and fill the void as cold and dark as the night sky that separated those burning stars. Tomorrow, I would again be single no more and for all that its worth, I look forward to it.

7 thoughts on “Single No More

  1. The interesting thing out of all this is that, I don’t know whether anyone picked up the fact that I never really made a move on my friend. What’s said and what happened stayed on that field.

  2. Beautifully done Kami… you’ve captured the mood and sentiments of the moment. Isn’t it the way sometimes, leaving things as they are, but not denying the feelings to oneself.

    I’m not surprised nothing happened (and I did get it from the post in relation to your comment above). This way it will always remain what it is: something beautiful.

  3. It would have been something to take it to the next level, but yeah, moments like that aren’t moments to be tampered with on a whim of desire. Life goes on and this is one part of it I wouldn’t want to screw up. 🙂

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