Smooth Talking Lady Magnet

Being the clinical person that I am, let me start by defining a few things.

Ask – the act of requesting or inquiring. Often from one person to another such as to find out and request something from them.

Date – two people attending a set event at a set time at a set place.

Ecstatic – a form of happiness. Often accompanied by twirling around and both arms punching the air punctuated by the words “woo hoo”.

Me – singular invocation of self. Anything not referring to you, any animal or the computer in the corner that thinks it’s alive.

Composure – the act of reeling everything into a calm state hoping that no one actually saw how silly you looked a few moments before.

Now all it takes is an imaginative and curious mind to build a story out from that. Bonus points go to anyone who can fit in the words “smooth talking lady magnet” while humming the theme song to James Bond. So feel free to go wild coming up with something because I’d be very disappointed if no one gets this right at all.

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