So You Want To Be A Doctor?

Scienceblogs had something funny from the British Medical Journal that I thought I’d share to those of you who want to study medicine or better yet, those of you who already are in medicine.

Which doctor is which?

Come to think of it, it should give the folks who are going to see their doctors a rough idea of how they are like. Let it not be said that you were caught unprepared. Now, you just have to wonder. Where does House fit in all this? Where do you fit in all this?

4 thoughts on “So You Want To Be A Doctor?

  1. Hmm…I think it’s true to a certain extent but there’s a lot of other factors to think about as well. I mean, I always thought that Dermatology was cool until I sat through a lecture with all these disgusting pictures of burnt skin, ulcerated skin etc. One of the major factors why I decided to do Dentistry instead. Not that dentistry is a very good field either – lots of disgusting things to endure too. Oh well, there is no perfect world.

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