So Begins This Chapter Of My Life

If there was ever a time whereby I’d wish the world would be without political borders, this would be the time for it. As the deadline approaches, there is a mountain of paperwork to handle in the horizon. Certified copies and documents for an application of a simple status that says you can live and work in a country as well as enjoy some of its citizen benefits for a certain amount of time before you have to repeat the process again.

Such is the consequence and follow through of moving out of my comfort zone. A world of uncertainty that brings with it dubious events and high paying rewards. Even so, despite not knowing what to expect, there is still the conviction that things have to be done. No one should ever walk into a warzone and not know what to do. I didn’t set all of this into motion without a grand plan to follow and that plan has worked out pretty well regardless of what life has thrown.

All I can keep telling myself are the things I need to do one day at a time. The permanent residency, the house, the job, the publication, the money, the girl and the strange chattering monkey on my ceiling will have to wait their turn as I go through each and every one of them. If nothing in life is ever that easy, it doesn’t mean is has to be that hard especially when you break them down into pieces you can take.

So begins the next leg of journey, in a 41 degree Australian summer, with a plan and some wits, one foot forward, one day at a time, till the end of the chapter.

Man I wish that monkey would just shut up.

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