Something I Shouldn’t Be Telling You

Sometimes friendships aren’t about telling you what you already know or assuming what you don’t know. Most of the time, the best friendships are about reminding you of what you still have and what it is that you forgot to do.

Whether by a hug or by a smile or even a friendly smack to the back of the head. Why should you be angry over someone who isn’t who isn’t angry over their own bad luck? The best thing you can do is listen to them in the spirit in which they are trusting you by telling you their story…then reminding them that they are who they are and everything works itself out in the end because of it

Sometimes all you need is that. Most of the time, all I ever need is that.

4 thoughts on “Something I Shouldn’t Be Telling You

  1. Agreed. many times we just need a listening ear, someone who will hear you out…sometimes all I ever need is also that

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