Something You’d Never Hear Me Say

I cannot believe that I’m saying this so I might as well go out and say it.

If this continues…I’ll suffer a burnout whether I like it or not.

It’s not something I would like to happen before Blogathon 2005. Not since I’m still hyped up about the whole thing to begin it. Then again, if I keep pushing and pushing without ever stopping, there would definitely be a day when I would have a complete breakdown, not just in my blog but in my life as well.

Definitely not something to look foward to.

It’s like everyday I’m just so worn out without doing anything productive at all. It’s like everyday I have to deal with the same things that keep draining whatever is left of my emotional strength until I have absolutely no mood to do anything else but whatever it takes for me to recharge…which in turn drains whatever physical strength I have.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I don’t know…maybe the blogosphere is taking it’s toll on me with all these constant ups and downs and the effort it takes to carefully publicise the upcoming blogathon. Maybe life is taking its toll on me with it’s own constant ups and downs and the effort for me to make sure my chestful of increasingly troublesome issues don’t take a larger chunk out of me.

As it is, I’m already making errors in accurately gauging the possible future trends that follow the present. To a lot of people, that wouldn’t mean anything more than just guessing a future. To me, that has always been my edge in life to survive and stay one step ahead of whatever problems that I come across.

Without it…all hell would break loose.

And take me along with it.

Maybe I need a break from all this…a hiatus of some kind. I don’t know. As far as I know myself, the words “me” and “take a break” isn’t something that usually goes hand in hand with each other. Then again…I don’t usually have many physical reminders for me to take a break in the first place.

Maybe it would be fun to blog about a breakdown.

Come to think of it…has anyone blogged about a breakdown before?

Go figure.

5 thoughts on “Something You’d Never Hear Me Say

  1. There was a moment when I wrote a particular short post as link above – at that time I think I finally knew how some people might’ve been before they lose it all. Almost dragged myself somewhere with people who have , but decided not to.
    Hope you get over it soon. Take a break lah. There are a lot of other things in life to pay attention to.

  2. I would if I could…but there is a Blogathon coming up and I need to keep pushing for publicity. Maybe after the blogathon…maybe. 🙂

  3. I meant to say “.. with people who have those long couches where you can lay down and they’ll listen..”

  4. Oh trust me, I’ve been there before. I don’t intend to go back there again. It really doesn’t do much good…well at least to me. That was money wasted.

  5. maybe take a break from blogging for a couple of days? Come back like 3 days before blogathon ?

    take a break from the net and blogging.go play some sports.

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