Sorting Out The Confusion

It’s become apparent to me that a lot of you seem to have missed a few key ingredients to the way I’m acting. While its understandable since no one possibly pays attention to this blog all the time, it is at least much more decent of you to ask why I’m feeling more than a little loopy, rather than go on and on about your own thoughts on the matter.

So at the risk of repeating things again, I’m doing this for both your benefit and mine. Yours, so that it becomes clear to you why my mood swings are all over the place. Mine, so that I don’t have to hear your selfless opinion based on information you assumed to be true.

  1. Mel is not here. I am in Australia. She is in Malaysia. This arrangement will continue for as long as is needed for her to apply for an Australian permanent residency.
  2. Contrary to popular belief. There is nothing wrong with the relationship between Mel and me. We’re an odd pair. Doesn’t mean we’re in trouble. It just means we’re happy in our own way, not yours.
  3. I am up to an earful in things to do with very little time to relax. Many a times, I will be seen doing 3 needful things to do at one go. This is an increasing strain.
  4. Seeing that I am usually very busy. I do not have time to socialise like a normal person. I do not have the time nor can I make the time because of shifting priorities of the moment.
  5. People have lives of their own as well. Do not assume that I don’t want to socialise with people. We all have different schedules. I don’t fit into anyone’s book.

So there we have it. If you put the stress of work, the lack of a social outlet together and an already fragile mind, you’re going to have something that snaps. It’s easy to give an advice when you don’t walk on the same road. It’s harder to give company and comfort when you think people expect practical solutions to emotional problems. Sometimes the best thing to offer to a friend is an ear and an acknowledgement that you have been paying attention.

I wonder if things would have turned out differently if I had been given that to begin with?

5 thoughts on “Sorting Out The Confusion

  1. I am sooo with you on #5.

    I was once asked why I wouldn’t go to the parties with some other American interns here at the Wetlands Institute. I was surprised. I mean, I am not a party person. I don’t drink. I don’t like to be in bars where people smoke and dance all night.

    But most importantly, I don’t want to do that JUST to fit into their books 😀

  2. What I meant by book, I meant people’s schedules. It doesn’t matter for me where we go or what we do. I’m game for anything. Just that our timing doesn’t fit both ways, which is always a pity.

  3. People have been telling you to get a ‘life?’ Hey this sounds like, ‘can there be one single definition of life?? you mean my life is not life, and yours is?/

  4. No they haven’t. It’s just that I’ve been told solutions to my problem without realizing that my situation is a little different or that I don’t want an immediate solution. Just filling in those gaps that people might assume otherwise. To save the trouble.

  5. That’s something. People may not want or see the need to solve their problems. They say don’t date a man and expect to change/save/cure him. It’s a female tendency to do so. I am also guilty.

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