Sporadic Fire

The time which I’ve been waiting for has come. As it is, I’ve been more or less disconnected from the net back at Mel’s place due to the sheer incompetance of the people who hold the lease of the house and the fact that we’ve begun packing up everything to move to the new place.

So I’ve got two options:

  1. I blog sporadically because of my limited access to the net.
  2. I camp out on the university computer center and live out the next two weeks there.

Well, the answer is perfectly obvious isn’t it? Since I’ve got an essay due in the next two weeks, we’ll just camp out here and blog research as much as I want. It’s not that hard, there is a lounge here with vending machines and the last I checked, it is possible to survive for 2 weeks on nothing but chocolate, potato chips and soft drinks. You won’t look pretty by the end of it, but you’ll survive nevertheless…and with net access which (contrary to what other people say) is more important than food itself.

Let it not be said that I don’t take my priorities seriously. At least I’ve got a plan and I’m sticking to it.

4 thoughts on “Sporadic Fire

  1. aaww… camp out at lab?…hehehe… well i hope good housewives takes good care of their husbands…. =)…careful not to gain extra kilos!

  2. haven’t heard from you in ages. just wanna say i’m doing ok. from the sparse blog entries, i’m glad you’re doing ok somewhat too. yes yes camp out in the lab. lol. good luck with your reports, ed.

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