Stomach Symphony Orchestra

See…this is what happens when no one wishes me good luck.

I am down with the stomach flu. Not only did I spend all day yesterday feeling lethargic and having my stomach perform peristaltic symphonies, turns out today, thanks to good ol unpredictable Wagga weather, the average temperature of my exam hall was like 10 degrees. Although I could have been wrong…it could have been 2 degrees in there for all I know.

Given that no one could turn the heater on and I spent 3 hours in the cold while I looked like I was a Parkinson sufferer who’s trying to write. I now am bundled up in my doona and multiple layers of clothing sitting off a fever, listening to what my stomach is playing at the moment, trying to put together all the things that I just happened to know is going on with my body given my good ol years of University education.

Well it certainly beats not knowing what the hell is going on doesn’t it?

Note: I just reread my post and I apologize for it. I’m ill. I think there is an unspoken rule that says you can write strange incoherent posts without a point.

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