Strained Relationships

There is an invisible strain around the house. A stress that’s born out of the chaos that we have to settle before the month is over. It’s easy to forget that we each have to deal with each others crap. It’s hard to remember what it’s like dealing with things when there are people around us.

But that’s the thing about relationships, not just between two lovers, but between any amount of people of any relation. It isn’t about getting along with them in times of calm and bliss. It’s about holding it together when the shit hits the fan, repeatedly. While you may get along with them when your masks are on, there is no telling what’s going to be thrown back and forth when everyone’s gloves are off.

Not that I know of any solution for this problem in the first place. I may be a masterful flirt and an apt seducer of women, but dealing with problems often call for my own personal sense of damage control. Something that often doesn’t go down well if other people are supposed to be in on the plan. More so when they themselves have their idea of damage control. More so when they themselves are independent loners with a knack for solving problems. That leaves only one way out it. The only road that has always worked regardless of what the problems are.

“One day at a time with a beer on the porch.”

This storm should blow over soon. There is no reason why that little piece of wisdom should fail us yet.

4 thoughts on “Strained Relationships

  1. Moving house is one of the most stressful things to endure. It can strain even the best of relationships. Keep that beer handy, and a sense of humour. 🙂

  2. Well we need to keep something handy. Whatever strain that comes out of it isn’t it. Alcohol does wonder though. Solves plenty of problems. At least in this case.

  3. Oh God, Kami. For the longest time I couldn’t STAND my roommate. I think we’ve adjusted, somehow, to each others’ styles though and well – I think we’re “okay” now. It will be interesting to see how the relationship is “strained” in the near future, however, as she has just been laid off. What’s questionable is the dough now.

  4. Since I’m writing in the sense that two people who in a relationship are living together, I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel that strain when you’re with a room mate. I suppose in that sense, I’ve been lucky.

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