Summertime Yuletide Down Under

So where have I been for the past 3 weeks? How shall I count the days? Well, I can’t count it because I kinda lost track after the first day so I’ll just show them to you instead. After all…some of the best moments of your life can’t be put into words.

Map Orientation
Well, this isn’t a time to get lost when you got a few hours to spare before the flight.

Australian Definition
So naturally we went to places that best defined Australians as Australians.

Chatting The Locals
And asked the locals about the local scene.

The Modern Ship
It’s amazing how technology has progressed through all these years. You just can’t keep up with it anymore.

Yam Cha
Wish you were here ChickyBabe. The Yam Cha (the Australian way of saying Dim Sum) in Chinatown where everything goes back to the basics. Good ol Hong Kong food.

Luggage Tossing
Let’s pass the time by playing “Where’s My Luggage?”

Rice Harvesting
You didn’t think this was going to be relaxing all the time right? I’m Asian. This is rice. You can’t get any more stereotypical than that.

Rice On The Table
You can’t say I never put rice on the table for you.

Wall Art
It isn’t exactly Michelangelo’s Roof, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Christmas Edition
Celebrating Christmas must always be done with the right beverages.

Good Shirt
Now I can stand under a storm without fear of being hit by lightning. Then again, I didn’t know Santa gets his presents from China.

Turkey Stuffing
Now this is something I can sit back and enjoy doing.

Turkey Cooked
Simply because the apprentice has now become the master.

Turkey On Plate
Maybe I should have become a chef instead.

Christmas Sunset Over The Cane Field
You can’t go wrong in a field of sugar cane with dreams and a sunset, but I guess you just had to be there to see it for yourself.

With that, I’ll post more pictures tomorrow. I don’t think you’d want to miss that one, because that’s what this holiday was all about in the first place. After which, I don’t think you want to miss out on that fun ever again.

8 thoughts on “Summertime Yuletide Down Under

  1. Brewed by nuts.
    Watching ducks.
    Ooh, I know that ship. Used to work around that area…
    Aww… thanks for thinking of me. I love yu cha but would never eat chicken feet! Tried it once but never again!
    Did you find your luggage amongst the plants?!
    That’s a fine looking bird. So glad it’s not a chicky! 😛

  2. Actually it was trying to get close to the Heron. It just kept looking at Mel.
    You used to work around there? Hmm…more clues to your elusive identity.
    You don’t have to eat the Chicky feet with us. So much more to eat. Thankfully none of us eat pork intestines. 🙂
    Well…not among the plants. By that time it was already in the house.
    I’m glad its not you too. 🙂

  3. Love your “abducktor with his potential abducktees” pix.. LOL

    But I was just thinking (and yes, this is so Northern Hemisphere of me), Christmas in Summer is somehow just plain wrong!!!

    Heh-heh… looks like it was a grand ‘ol time, tho… and the meal looks simply scrumptios!

  4. Pat: Thank you. 🙂

    Walski69: Haha, in retrospect we can say that a White Christmas is a bit too overrated. 🙂 Think Christmas where you’re by the beach on a hammock sipping pina colada from a large pineapple. There’s a thought. 🙂

    Chapree: The beer is brew BY their nuts. There is a big difference in those. 😛 Well, I guess you guys have to wait a while before you have my cooking too. I won’t be back in a long long time.

  5. Looks like you had a good Christmas in Oz, too. 🙂 And, well, I’m guessing that a vast majority of the presents given on Christmas or other holidays came from China. lol…

  6. Lelia: It was blissful while it lasted. I did however get and give presents that were made in Australia. That of course is another story for another post. 🙂

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