Summertime Yuletide Down Under III

With all that came before, last but not least…

Cooling Down
It’s no poison by the porch, but I’m not complaining.

Look!! A blast from the past.

Sudoku Cube
And it only took me 1 week to solve it. Don’t worry Albert, you’ll get your chance.

Whereas this took us 2 weeks to put together. Talk about a productive holiday.

Light Beer
If I can make even beer like this look good, maybe I should have become a photographer instead.

Happy Feet
Tap dancing it’s way to my otherwise growing collection.

Action Jesus
Banishes evil and saves your soul with it’s new opposable arms and gliding action!! Blind faith and batteries not included.

Fish Market
Where fresh really has a whole new meaning for me.

Lonely Bear
I guess he’s just taking a siesta before his drinking buddies turn up.

Grilled Fish
Grilled Sewer Fish. You have to ask yourself, where do we have time find all these weird pictures in less than a day?

Self Portrait
Not like we could leave without proving we were there anyway.

Harbour Bridge
No we didn’t have time to go up.

Sydney Opera House
Wouldn’t it be cool if you just slid down from this building from the top like a giant slide?

Opera House Underground
The lesser known face of the Sydney Opera House.

I tried to claim it as mine, but then 5 other tourists said that it was theirs too. I didn’t bother pressing the issue.

Firemen Porsche
I wanted to take more pictures of the cars when Mel took the camera right off my hands to take pictures of what she calls “very yummy firemen”.

Time Crisis 4
That’s just me being a kid again. But if there was ever a war, you can indeed trust me to hold a gun and fire at the right side.

Homeward Bound
And so, au revior Sydney. Au revior Mackay. We’ll see you again next time. You can just bet your life on that.

There we have it. Where we went and what we did during our 3 week summer holiday past Christmas and well into the new year. Of course, you didn’t think we got away with just 45 or so odd pictures. Of course not, but if I did put all the pictures down, it’ll either take a long time to load or it’ll take days to post them all. So I’ll let you view them at your leisure right here.

In any case, I doubt there are any words left to say to tell you how the holiday was. So I’ll leave that to the pictures and your imagination to define. What’s left is for my memories to keep and a whole lot of pounds to shed. Until the next trip somewhere. Here’s to a great time and a happy new year to everyone.

5 thoughts on “Summertime Yuletide Down Under III

  1. Hi there,

    I’m inventor of CubeSudoku which you place 1~8 on each of six strips without repeating each digit.

    I think this is called a true Sudoku in 3D format.

    Any comments are more than welcome.

    ps. ck out my new project: as well ^^

  2. Wayne: Heya, I have seen your cube before actually while going through other Sudoku Cubes. I think that it’s a pretty novel idea. Who knows. I might add your cube to my collection. 🙂

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