Supposed Rambling Man

I suppose it’s one of those days again. Days when you have so much in your mind and not enough brainpower to put it all together. At this point I’d credit the post-alcohol induced mental state I’m in, then again…I didn’t really have much to go for the day before either. Maybe of all the things that are happening in life, not all of them are actually things you can put into words. How can you anyway? Some things are best left unsaid. Some secrets best kept in the company of confidantes.

I suppose for now it wouldn’t really matter. It is the weekend and I’m supposed to enjoy what little free time I have of my holidays. Though I am starting to wonder what would happen if this block strikes me during the Blogathon. It’s not exactly something I would be willing to consider at all really. Still…I’m a worry-wart. That’s what I do. I worry.

I suppose I could do another ChickyBabe, get all the random thoughts out of my head and into the world. Then again…whatever is in my head is far from being random anyway…and as I said, some things are best left unspoken.

I suppose I could turn around, get up and get busy living. Nobody wants to hear the ramblings of a tired, weary blogger unless they have absolutely nothing better to do. We all have our chores to settle, so we might as well get to them. Yeah, it is time to get busy living. The only other alternative is to get busy dying. I don’t think I would like that. Do you?

5 thoughts on “Supposed Rambling Man

  1. I couldn’t imagine blogging for 24 hours straight! My suggestion, jot down ideas for posts now otherwise doing a ChickyBabe late in the evening may yield;

    1. Why am I doing this thing?
    2. Somedays you can think faster than you can type, but not today.


  2. Hahaha…I’m definitely jotting down things to write for then. The problem would then be to expand on that which is what I scratch my head to. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Perhaps you could try the Morning Pages tool from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, both to generate ideas for the blogathon and to clear your head.
    She has put them on a website, so you don’t need to buy the books. It’s a pdf file of the first chapter or so.
    If you’re interested, it’s here: The Artist’s Way Website

    Just a thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I suppose you could make it so I would not need to switch to Firefox just to comment.

    It’s annoying to attempt to comment on your blog and be redirected to a page, not once but several times that says รขโ‚ฌล“We see you’re using Internet Explorer, which is not recommended for this site. We strongly suggest downloading Firefox. We think you’ll like it better mainly due to the fact that: yada yada.

    I know that most internet users prefer Firefox web browser over Internet Explorer. I have both IE, and Firefox on my computer. I really prefer IE over firefox. I don’t think a blogger should have to install the Firefox browser just to leave you feedback. At best, your blog visitors using IE most likely won’t even bother to comment on your blog after seeing that annoying message. Despite being redirected several times, I was determined to leave a reply.

    Therefore, I switch to Firefox to do so. But, I should not have to switch to firefox to read your blog and leave feedback.

  5. Ohwaily: Ideas aren’t really the problem though. Expanding on them. That is the main beef on it all. I seem to have problems these days putting everything down as solid things to write on despite having 1001 things to talk about.

    Rose: Sorry about that and thanks for commenting. I really got annoyed with the way IE screws up everything on my blog despite being validated. A person shouldn’t have to add extra code to their sites because one browser no matter how popular it can be does not follow W3 standards. I toned it down a bit though. It should appear after 4 days of seeing the first one. I hope that doesn’t annoy you much either.

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