Taking In The Faults

It’s hard to to deal with mistakes when you know you’ve made them. It’s just the part of me that would never stop at it because I want to have some justification that I’m not in the wrong. Yet, when people tend to rub mistakes in my face, I can’t help but feel suckered into their argument. People want to argue for the sake of proving they are right, and I’m no different. The only problem is that, I should be different.

I should have been able look at it and let people slide past. I should have been able to laugh it off as just another thing that people do. I should have been able to pick my arguments and not poke anthills (repeatedly) with sticks. But I didn’t and I feel bad for that. It wouldn’t be a mistake if I didn’t sit here thinking of what should have or have not been.

But making mistakes like this even if they are slip ups of habit are one of the things that teaches us how to go about the right things. Even if I want to be something I’m still not, it’s just part of the lesson that says “You’ve got miles to go before you sleep”. The only thing I can do now is grit my teeth and take any flak that comes my way. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to take responsibilities for your mistakes, but its better than digging your own grave because of it.

Doesn’t mean I like it one bit though. Who does anyway? That’s what Footinyourmouthatitis is all about.

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