Talk No Evil. See No Evil. Hear No Evil

Talk No Evil. See No Evil. Hear No Evil

This is probably going to send out all sorts of messages to everyone but I’m putting this up here because I’m sending a message to only one. Do what’s right. No matter how much you want to put it behind you. No matter how long you can keep silent. No matter how far you turn a blind eye. No matter how deep you turn a deaf ear. It’ll always be right behind you.


You can’t run away from evil forever. We all got to turn around and face it one day. So do what you know is right. Because you know there is no other alternative. Except for the bad ones and we all don’t really want that do we?

3 thoughts on “Talk No Evil. See No Evil. Hear No Evil

  1. Now I know what is right. The image will forever be burned in my memory, my screams forever ringing in my ears and my heart racing at every little recollection of that day. It is time to put that to rest and do it.

  2. These penguins remind me of the penguins in Madagascar..Hilarious!
    And yes, we cant go on with evil forever! especially when you see a picture like this!
    Oh and this definitely put smile on my face alright!!

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