Technobums Unite

I’m sure when we started fiddling around with techonology back in the days after we stopped calling scientists heretics and then burning on the stake (though I sometimes I still feel we’re not out of the woods on that one yet), what we had in mind for our scientific discoveries was the fact that it made our lives easier, more productive and we don’t have to blame God for everything that went wrong. I think what we didn’t realise then is that it would have made our lives a little two easy…especially when it involves two bums.

meliSSa: final countdown day 3: so…
meliSSa: final countdown day 3: what time are you serving
meliSSa: final countdown day 3: um… food? – Obeying The Second Law Of Thermodynamics: you do know you’re right behind me a few feet away right?

It’s not the fact that she asked me on instant messaging when I’m going to get dinner ready. It’s the fact that I actually answered her back online without thinking that scared the hell out of me. That just sums the whole event up in an important equation which cannot be disputed.

Lazy bums + Technology = Lazier bums.

It’s amazing that we have survived this long without actually starving to death. I guess that actually accounts for something of an achievement, even if it is a little sad to admit it. I wonder if anyone else follows the same equation as well?

5 thoughts on “Technobums Unite

  1. ChickyBabe: Shouldn’t blogging fire you up to do things that you want to do? You know…all that unleashing the creative side and all?

    Pat: I thought that equation goes like:

    Stupid people + Technology = Catatonic stupidity 🙂

  2. Hehe, well…have you heard of John Scalzi? My friend is a big fan of his blog and he’s a writer. 🙂 I guess it works for him. 😛

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