Ten Things I Have Learnt

Edrei’s List Of Things Learnt While Snowboarding:

  1. Make sure you remember what injuries you have suffered before and remember to bring those damn painkillers.
  2. All set and ready to go

  3. In Australia at least, three layers of clothing is overkill. People actually ski down with T-shirts on. Anything more on a bright sunny day and you’d be roasting your insides going down the hill.
  4. Don’t let 3 year old kids who ski faster than you be any discouraging. They probably have been going down that hill a lot longer than you have.
  5. If anything the instructor taught you isn’t working. Change techniques immedietly after the first big fall. If you already aren’t at least going down straight then you can’t use that technique. It’s less painful in the long run.
  6. No I am not making a snow angel

  7. Try not to fall down. It’s getting up that is more difficut than actually snow boarding down the mountain.
  8. When you do fall down. Get out of the path as soon as possible. You don’t want to go sprawling on the snowfaced down when another novice skier slams into you while trying to break.
  9. Getting up is more painful than it looks

  10. Snow is rough. This is no joke. Don’t try to stop with your bare hands unless you want them to be bleeding.
  11. Waiting in queue to go up the hill actually takes longer than going down it. Talk to complete strangers in line to pass your time.
  12. Always try to fall down on your butt than your knees. It still hurts, but at least it isn’t as bad as landing on your knees. Especially when you have old knee injuries.
  13. If you can’t impress anyone on the snow. Impress them in the cafe. Rubik’s Cube works best. Rubiks cube always works best.
  14. Survived down the hill and going back up for more

All in all. That’s what I can think off from the whole 15 hours worth of the trip. It may have taken a toll out of my wallet. It may have been uncomfortable to begin with. It may have taken a whole new dimension to the term pain endurance. But at the end of it all, I can say one thing about it.

I know how to snowboard.

And I can do it again.

And again.

And again.

And there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.

7 thoughts on “Ten Things I Have Learnt

  1. Ed punya rambut dah panjang!!!!! EEEEeeee….. *giggle*.

    Glad you’re having fun! ^_^ (yes, you can tell I’m at home, right?)

  2. Jax: Not cool when I’m falling down from it. Not cool at all when I get a wipeout.

    Chibster: It looks much better when it’s tied and it doesn’t look like I just fell down a couple dozen times going down the mountain. 🙂

  3. hey ed, glad you had fun!!

    i must admit despite being here for sometime, i’ve never done any winter sporting activity except for…tubing…if you even consider it winter sports lol

  4. kids can easily ski/ snowboard with the momentum of the fall..

    “Try not to fall down. It’s getting up that is more difficut than actually snow boarding down the mountain.” u’re right, but we can’t help to fall.
    And it takes sooooooo much strength to get up, i fell…and i couldn’t get up with my ski (so shameful), lucky there was this lil girl 7 year old came over n asked me R U ALRIGHT? She brought her dad up n helped me to get up….howww embarrasing? But thank God for her, otherwise I still lost in the snow mountain. 😀

  5. Its funny, I live 15 minutes from a ski field in NZ and Ive never been up there in the 10 years Ive been here…
    Im glad you had a good time, it’s good to try new things.

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