That Unlikely Muslim Name

You might think that the name Osama Bin Laden wouldn’t be the first choice of the list of names you would want your kid to have expecially if you’re going to have to go overseas a lot with the iron fist of the man red flagging names like that around airports. But I seriously doubt even hardcore fundamentalist would want to name their kid this:

This is my name card

Then again, I doubt anyone is going to be named Trial in the first place..or are they?

5 thoughts on “That Unlikely Muslim Name

  1. That’s why it can’t be a real street project. It can’t be for real if it has 3 e’s. 🙂 It’s got to be a name…it’s gotta be. 😛

  2. Allmybase: It’s an Aussie thing. Literally translated from native Aboraginal means Land of the Crows. Just as the capital of Malaysia literally translated from Bahasa Malaysia means Mud Central.

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