That World Cup Mood

I’m not much of a football fan. The only reason why I do watch the Fifa World Cup is because I could make a few bucks off the sidelines placing bets. Not that it amounted to much, but for a science geek, statistics never lie and I was always good making full use of that fact.

Mel on the other hand is a full on football junkie. She’s a die hard fan of Fulham in the English Premier League and despises anything connected to Manchester United. For the World Cup, she’ll be supporting Japan and hopefully would want to see them face off somewhere in the semi-finals. After all, this isn’t a question of who’s going to be in the finals. It’s just a question of who’s going to be facing Germany in the finals. You don’t need statistics to figure that one out.

So to commemorate Fifa World Cup 2006 and a friend’s birthday. A bunch of us who still refer to soccer as football in this country decided to go all the way and do what we usually do…something crazy. To give you a idea of what happened, I’ve taken the liberty of putting it down to a simple equation which follows:


Cake Mix

Plus this:

Equals this:

World Cup Cake

Which is a derivative of this:

World Cup Logo 2006

Needless to say, it was a little tougher than we thought it would be, seeing that most of us aren’t exactly what you call domestic material. But let it not be said that some of us don’t know how make the best out of life with what we have. You’d never know what insanity may come out of all that…even if it in a cake.

I do have one question though, it is actually safe to be driving under the influence of sugar? Someone give me the heads up on that once because I sure as hell don’t have the statistics for that one.

10 thoughts on “That World Cup Mood

  1. That’s a great cake! In our house, we have decided to eat food from whichever nations are playing that day, which will make for some interesting combinations. What do they eat in Serbia anyway?!

  2. ChickyBabe: So were we. 🙂

    TheAngel: Not as far as I can see.

    Pachey: You know…I have absolutely no idea.

    Boringest: Last I checked, you watch their friendlies. See the line up who’s playing against who. Then at the last moment, calculate the odds and make your bet. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it such a coincidence that I just baked 2 moist cakes and went online to see you baking cakes too? lol!

  4. Driving under the influence of sugar is bad.

    The only person I’ve not gotten a “You are a safe driver” comment from was my editor whom I drove to and fro KLCC while under the influence of sugar. ^_^

  5. Azira: Well…ours weren’t moist. They were mudcakes for sure. 🙂

    Pat: People don’t always comment you’re a safe driver even if you aren’t under the influence of sugar. 🙂

    Lishun: Booze is always good, expecially when a game is involved. 🙂

    Emmanuel: We don’t have Mamak here. All we have a bunch of drive through booze shops where we can stock up in case we run out of the good stuff. 🙂

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