The 64 Million Dollar Question

Just great Kristine, you win. You’ve tempted me for the last time into taking my own photos again to ask another million dollar question.

Should I wear my glasses or should I switch to contacts?

Clark Kent and Mr Hyde

So many questions…so little money to answer them.

Go figure.

14 thoughts on “The 64 Million Dollar Question

  1. Okay. I like both. But I prefer the you with ur specs on. Heh. I don’t know why. U look smart in it anyways. Seriously.



  2. i think without specs is better la.

    that specs dosent suits you.go get nerdy specs,like the one dementetchic is wearing 😛

  3. See I told you both pics look good. Even Kyels says so. Whichever it is, whatever makes you most comfortable. 🙂

    Again, both photos look good, no doubt about that. Sorry, I know I’m not helping. 😛

  4. Hmmm… tough call honey. You be sexy whatever you be wearing so…. Im going with keep the glasses baby!

  5. ed…i like u for who u are…

    so…do u ever think guardian angels actually wear specs? i thought their eyes are superb?? :P~

    hehe…u look great in both…but can u use sunglasses like the matrix picture u had in ur that love that love that…its the best :P~ hehe…

  6. Good god man! Take a compliment in the nature in which its meant. You are sexy. Always will be sexy…so there! 😛

  7. Dun worry , they dun mean it when they say ‘sexy’..

    You need to lose the chubbyness, wash the hair, change the hairstyle and keep glasses, but not those glasses..

    If you can’t lose the chubby on the cheeks, then a thicker hairstyle is needed. Goodness trim the back, looks terrible from here.

    Almost done: make sure you shave daily (or keep a full beard/moustache).. And consider using a skin whitener for those spots in your face..

    From there we start considering about getting close to ‘sexy’

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