30 thoughts on “The 64 Thousand Dollar Question

  1. Kaitlin says not to cut it =o

    I say you should >.> I’m weird like that

  2. Minishorts: I barely use gel these days. I just wet my hair because it tends to fluff up. It gets worse when it’s short though. Hmm…maybe I should show pics of my fluffed up hair.

  3. Cut the hair. Go see my entry on erm…..The Car, The Dinner and The Birthday. I bet if you cut your hair like Mr.BF sure damn gaya!!!

  4. i think ud look cooler if u grow em…. i mean…long.. shoulder length.. muahaha… shud look less nerdy….just a thought… seems everyone think u shud cut em…. thats ok too… but… dont wet ur hair all the time.. cant u use more natural ways to make it not so fluffy… conditioners ??

  5. I reckon grow it longer…for reasons that are my own. Ultimately it is up to you but yeah…

  6. cut!! ur face looks round… if u dont cut u probably end up like a a ball with grass growing out of it.. hahaha

    maybe cut the sides short and the back as well and leave some on the top and middle and gel it up.. spike it up..

  7. Teddseven: Spike? Oooh I try to avoid it looking that way. A little bit too…old for that already. 🙂 Besides, it’s a high maintainance thing. I don’t have that much money to begin with…especially when hair cuts costs 20 AUD.

  8. cuttt. cut cut cut! and use gel. come on, i think guys with spiky hair look quite nice. haha. cut, gel and spike!

  9. So THAT’s how you look like? HAHA. Not laughing at you, I’m just musing on how one can form such a visual perception of a blogger based on his posts only to have that perception blasted the hell away the moment he goes “public”. 🙂 As for me, I’d be remaining faceless, thank you, rather than be revealed as “the nerdy looking nerd”.

  10. Tormentt: In WHAT way did you think I look like anyway. I’m still a geek. No change there especially when I put on my glasses.

    Chibster: Ummm…I cut ALL my claws already. I already spiked my hair once. Didn’t look nice, thats why I said I’m too old for it.

  11. Defy the norm!!!! Leave it long..have a vision, be the next person recorded in the Guiness World of Records!

    Or else, you could puff it up and sport an Alley Cat look -wink-. Buahaha… then i’ll have a neverending source of entertainment for the rest of the year here, u know.. dropping a paper clip into ur hair and dare someone to look for it or something of the sorts..BUahahahah… yes… puff it up!

  12. Ern: Nooo…long I can agree to, but I’m not going to entertain you by making my hair look like Ronald McDonald or…you-know-who in our class. Never…you’re not going to make me do it. Not in a million years.

    Pink: Say what…?

  13. DO NOT CUT.

    I told you why before. You have a lego-shaped head. Your head is rather big and squarish, and your hair will hide it and make your head look longer.

    People say I have lost weight since I had longer hair. Or so they think.

    Is it easier to get dreadlocks in Australia?


    edrei: u want to look attractive to me, not to albert, i repeat, attractive TO ME, not ALBERT.

  15. Minishorts: You’re already taken, no point going all the way. 🙂 Besides…I have a good compromise for all this. It’ll come soon enough.

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