6 thoughts on “The Anti-Blog Mantra…

  1. hello. I will be missing out on the PPS Bash too. So yeah, take comfort, you have misery for company. Wait, I don’t have exams. so yeah, you win. 😉

  2. Percolator: Haha…yeah. Then again, I keep missing out on these things when they are really big. It’s one of those things you have to let out a deep sigh…or run around naked screaming.

  3. I celebrate for you, okay? And all the others that cannot come. Sad – it will be lonely with so many famous bloggers not coming !!

  4. i can’t make it this year to. Bad timing. More like bad timing Mr.BF has to be back from Lumut on that day.

  5. Andreas: Well…down a few hard drinks on my behalf as well…not to mention popularise my blog too. 😛

    H.Liew: Hahaha…I’m not even in Malaysia. That’s sadder. 🙂

    S-Kay: They had two blog gatherings in less than a month. Yeah…that’s really bad timing that I can’t even attend both.

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