The Bloody Vagina

Not that I’m a masochist or anything, but the sight of a needle going into my skin does have a certain sense of morbid fascination. It’s the kind that you usually echo with “I will not look because it is sick and disgusting. I will however look out of curiosity.” Then again, I tend to forget that there are people in the world who can’t bear the sight of needles going into their skin at all. Not everyone pushes weird to my level.

Kris: Needles scare me.
Me: It’s just a blood test.
Kris: It’s unatural! I like my blood to remain inside my body thank you.
Me: You are female in gender right?
Kris: Huh?
Me: You do remember that blood does come out of you every month right?
Kris: That’s different!!
Me: How is bleeding out of your vagina any different from a blood test?
Kris: At least the vagina doesn’t have a sharp pointy end that pokes into you.

Alright maybe you do have a point (no pun intended), I suppose a vagina wouldn’t have a sharp pointy end that pokes into you, that’s usually for someone else to have. Still, it was for your own good anyway, there is nothing wrong with 2 test tubes worh of blood to make sure you’re in good health…and hey…since I do study these things, I can tell you that they do more than just do a blood culture. So really…they do need that much blood. Unless you’d rather have that sample taken out from your vagina.

That of course would be another morbid story altogether.

6 thoughts on “The Bloody Vagina

  1. haha…oh well. the doctor’s office hasn’t called, so i have no idea what the results are. have to go in check on monday.

    but i still prefer my blood inside of me thank you very much 😛

    and i still have the scar 🙁

  2. Kris: It’ll go away soon enough you big wuss. It’s just a little blood. It’s not like blood was flying all over the place and coating the walls. 🙂

    Paul: Aha…or is it?

  3. I had to have a blood test done about 3 weeks ago and i do need another one done but im trying to get out of it because as much as i like pain donot appreciate being made into a human pin cushion! Still no results…

    If there is one thing i do appreciate….its edrei’s constant reminding me i need to take my pills, no matter how much i do argue or protest or something to that effect

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